Winter Camping Tips: How to Sleep Comfortably and Stay Warm

Are you are rookie in winter camping? Learn these tips on how to sleep comfortably and stay warm when camping during the winter season. 

While many prefer camping in the spring or during summer, others love the tranquillity winter brings. The stark whiteness of snow covering the ground is such a spectacular sight. The beauty of nature in winter hits different; there’s a different kind of calmness and sweetness to it.

Camping in winter might be exciting but beware of the discomfort it offers. Staying in the open sky with sub-zero temperatures will certainly keep you up all night long. Then, how can you enjoy cold-weather camping without freezing?

Staying warm and sleeping comfortably when camping in winter is easier than you imagine. Here are some tips to keep you warm and happy during winter camping.

Tip No. 1: Wear the Right Clothes

Wearing several layers of clothes is a common mistake of rookies in cold-weather camping. Most tend to think that wearing more clothes fights off cold. Well, it does make you feel warm but not for a long time, especially when you’re not wearing the correct type of clothes.

The key is to wear an appropriate outfit for sleeping in the cold and not the number of clothes you’re wearing. Avoid tight-fitting clothing for it restricts blood circulation, thereby making your body feel cold. The best wear for sleeping in winter is synthetic fabrics and wools. Also, wear socks, fingered gloves, and a cap to cover your head.

Tip No. 2: It is all in the Tent

Pack a tent suitable for winter camping. You can find a wide variety of tents engineered specifically for such weather conditions. Examples of it are available here at Wandering Privateer.

Tents for winter camping are significantly smaller. The size contributes a lot to the insulation process. It traps the heat and keeps you warm better at night.

Tip No. 3: Prepare your Sleeping Bag Correctly

Don’t simply lay down your sleeping bag. Make sure to shake it before sleeping. Most sleeping bags have trapping pockets of air that absorb heat from the body that keeps you insulated. You can obtain maximum insulation from the bag by giving it a good shake from the bottom.

Now, as you sleep, avoid tucking your head in the sleeping bag. Always keep your face in the open. When you tuck your head in the bag, the moisture from your breath will condense inside, making it damp. Hence, it’ll ruin the insulation effect of the sleeping bag.

Tip No. 4: Use Hand Warmers

Expert winter campers are quite familiar with this trick. Before sleeping, stuff hand warmers in your sleeping bag. If you don’t have one, a water bottle works just fine. The hand warmers and water bottles enhance the sleeping bag’s insulation effect.

Tip No. 5: Check the Weather Condition Before Camping Out

The last thing you’d want to happen is getting caught up in a snow storm. Thus, make sure to plan your camping event effectively. Check the weather forecasts to ensure the temperature and weather is not too harsh.