When All Else Fails, Call for Mold Remediation Service

Women love the color pink, and some men actually do love wearing the color. They say it’s a masculine color, something that adds to the manliness of the man wearing it. However, inasmuch as it’s a pleasant color, the same cannot be said when you see pinkish growths in your bathroom. In fact, when you see it, you should call in the experts right away.

Experts in what, you say. Mold remediation experts. That’s because those pink growths are actually pink mold. If you read up on pink mold facts and information, you’ll discover that it’s actually a bacterial growth. Contrary to what some might believe, it’s not a mold in the same vein as black, green, or white mold. However, just like any other types of mold, exposure to pink mold can have detrimental effects on one’s health, which include the following:

  • Urinary tract infection
  • Allergic reactions
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Bleeding of the lungs

There are other health problems caused by pink mold, which is why it’s important to get rid of it at the first sign.

The best way to get rid of mold is to implement an effective preventive program to stop mold growth before it even starts. However, if the toxigenic fungi have already found their way inside your home, then you may already need to start finding ways to eliminate these molds for good. Much has been heard and said about employing the services mold remediation contractors. And just like any other business, the mold industry has its own share of controversies and scams. Is getting a mold remediation contractor a worthwhile investment, or is it just a waste of money?

If mold is present in your home, whether it’s black mold, pink mold, white mold, or green mold that you have, it does not automatically mean that you need to employ the services of a mold remediation contractor. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in fact, even advises that mold-contaminated areas less than 10 square feet be remediated by the homeowner. Thus, if the mold growth is found only in a small area, there’s no need for you to pick up the phone and call an expert remediator.

If the mold is toxic and widespread, however, contacting a mold remediation contractor may be necessary. But then again, a lot of scams have been reported involving these contractors and you wouldn’t want to spend a top dollar on something you’re not sure about. If you need to hire one, however, you must look for two things in order to be sure: certification and references.

Before hiring a remediator, check if it is a Certified Mold Remediator or Certified Industrial Hygienist. Otherwise, be on your guard because plenty of bogus contractors charge thousands of dollars for something that is not really worth your money. You can visit the American Industrial Hygiene Association website to see all the certified industrial hygienists in the country. A background check is also very important before getting a contractor. Ask for at least three references to know if the company does a great job at eliminating molds.

Employing the services of a mold remediation contractor is not required for small mold growth. If the mold dilemma is too much to handle, though, hiring one is safer and more effective than do-it-yourself remediation.