Top Things That Most Men Carry in Their Wallets

If you are curious to know the things that most men have in their bags, you should also ask what things most men have in their wallet if they are not carrying their bags with them when leaving the house. Unlike women, men cannot carry purses, handbags, or another separate wallet for credit cards. But they must have a wallet for everything. So, what are the things that they usually stuff in their wallet? To uncover this mystery, we gathered information from several men’s reviews and forums regarding this matter and these are the lists that we came up with:


Item # 1: A spare key


Believe it or not, some men can sneak a spare key in their wallet. Although it is a bit tricky, they are wise enough to put a spare key in their wallet in case of locking the keys inside the house or car, losing the house keys, and more.


Item # 2: Credit cards


Credit cards are not just women’s best friends, so does the men. Also, it is interesting to note that an average American man can have 5 – six cards – American Express Card, Visa Card, Mastercard, Discover Card, and even fuel cards or toll fee cards. Also, they do not forget to bring their debit cards with them, in case they want to use their savings to pay for their expenses.


Item #3: Business cards


You will find several business cards in men’s wallet, such as, their own business cards and some important ones that they can call during emergencies. Although, they can just send business cards through email or text message, still, they find it most convenient to use business cards than what technology can provide.


Item #4: Identification Cards


When it comes to men’s wallet, you will find not just one, or two identification cards, but numbers of them, such as, the Social Security Card, school or company ID card, driver’s license, Voter’s registration card, ID card issued by the state, federal, or local government, and more. Imagine, how many cards do you think they can bring?


Item #5: Condom


Men will always be men. When it comes to preparedness, no one can be more prepared than men who engage in a battle with their safe armor with them stashed somewhere in their wallet.


Item #6: Cash


Although most average American does not bring enough cash with them and they replace it with cards, you will run into men that do not forget to bring cash with them in case of the situations that they really need cash instead of credits. Also, they are not just satisfied with cash, men can also sneak some coins in their wallet.


Item #7: Wallet-sized photos of their loved ones


This is one of their greatest reminder and motivator in life that they do not dare to lose. They believe that if they carry one with them, they feel safe whenever they are. There are more things that you will find in men’s wallet. However, what makes it interesting is how they are able to bring almost everything in one piece of a wallet? Unless they use those 2017 best wallets, that you can click here to read more, they can care less whatever they stashed inside their wallet as long as they are safe in case of emergencies.