Top Protective Hearing Gears to Prevent NIHL

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is noticeable to people who are extremely exposed to environments with loud noises. A human can only handle a sound ranging to 60 decibels. Once it reaches above 80 decibels it can cause permanent hearing damage. Loud noises can rupture inner structures of the ear, causing NIHL.

Hunters, sportsman, and individuals who are working in industrial areas where there are loud noises are prone to NIHL. This condition happens gradually; hence, if you keep exposing yourself to loud environments, your hearing will slowly deteriorate in the future. For this reason, it is important to wear hearing protection gears in such environment.

There are online sources where you can find high-quality hearing protection gears.  One of these sites is . This source provides detailed information on the leading hearing protection for industrial noises and gunshots. Thus, if you are a hunter or a sportsman searching for an outstanding hearing protection product, this site is your best option.

What can you find on this source? 

There is a wide variety of hearing gears in the market these days. However, among the choices available on the web, here are the top protective hearing gears you must invest in.

NRR 30 Earplugs

Gunshots sound levels range from 120-190 decibels. This noise level can cause immediate hearing damage. Thus, before going on hunting field or a shooting range, always wear earplugs.

This protective hearing gear can block out up to 30 decibels of noise. However, you have to choose an earplug that has an NRR of 30 dB to guarantee a high performance. In addition, some earplugs are disposable whereas there are certain brands which are reusable. You might want to check out this feature when browsing for an earplug.


Aside from earplugs, another excellent hearing protection gear is earmuffs. This equipment is designed for both professional and recreational purposes; you may also find people who are working in a high-noise level environment like at the airports and construction sites are using this gear too.

When choosing an earmuff, you also have to check the device’s noise reduction rating (NRR). According to the experts, the higher rating that the earmuffs have, the more sound it can block from the outer source. Likewise, you have to double check the durability of the earmuffs. Make sure it is not prone to breakage or tearing to avoid purchasing another set of earmuffs.

Electronic Hearing Protection 

This device is similar to regular earmuffs. The only difference is the electronic hearing protections are more advanced and can reduce harmful noises. Electronic hearing protections are designed for shooting activities. It is often used by military and police officers while training either indoors or outdoors. But in most cases, this device is utilized in indoor shooting to avoid extremely loud noises.

Do you still information about these devices? 

Check out the latest top seller brands of earplugs, earmuffs and electronic hearing protection right here. Also, read buying guidelines to avoid buying errors and investing in poor quality products. All of these are available in one of the most reliable sources on the web.