Tips on How to Choose the Right Floor Jack for Your SUV

One of the essential tools that you’ll find in the garage is a floor jack. There is no doubt that the floor jack has an essential role when you try to change tires, check for a possible broken water pump or some stripped oil pan bolt, and a few things to be repaired that needs vehicle lifting. So, buying one will help you big time when you need it the most.

If you are planning to buy a floor jack that is ideal for SUV’s but having a hard time choosing the best, you may read this first or you can use these following tips on how to choose the right floor jack for your SUV:

Tip #1: Know which type of floor jack is ideal for SUVs

To name a few, you’ll find these following types of floor jacks in most stores today:

  • Hydraulic floor jack – These types are the most recognizable amongst other floor jacks. It is often used by most auto mechanics due to its convenience; based on its design with four wheels, bringing the tool from one place to the other is easy. Also, hydraulic floor jacks are easy to use. Moreover, most of these floor jacks are designed to lift a vehicle at its very high or at maximum height. Furthermore, these types of floor jacks are ideal for SUVs, vans, coupes, sedan, sports car, and more.
  • Scissor floor jack – These lightweight floor jacks are space efficient, which make it easy to bring; however, scissor floor jack has limitations in terms of the vehicle’s height and weight, which is why these types of floor jacks are ideal for low profile vehicles and often used to change tires.
  • Bottle floor jack – The floor jack is hydraulically operated; due to its design, it is ideal for high cars, such as truck and other high profile vehicles.

Also, when it comes to choosing the best floor jack, you need to check its weight capacity; if you think it can support SUVs, then, you may consider buying that type of floor jack.

Tip #2: Check its materials

How will you know if the floor jack that you are planning to buy is reliable and durable?

Simple; all you need to do is read some reliable product reviews and posts at Auto Aid Outlet’s official website. Also, do not forget to check if the floor jack is made from high-quality materials and if it is designed with safety features.

Tip #3: Your current budget

How much are you willing to pay for a floor jack?

There are a lot of reliable, durable, and versatile floor jacks that are currently available in the market; fortunately, there are budget-friendly floor jacks that you can choose. For instance, the Powerzone 38044, 3-ton garage jack.

Final Thoughts

Floor jack for SUVs aren’t easy to find; fortunately, there are reliable reviews and posts like this that will help you out in choosing the right floor jack for an SUV, involving the right size of the similar car tool for the same type of vehicle.

Also, do not hesitate reading more of these at Auto Aid Outlet.