The Top Four Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines for the Money By Singer

The Singer is a famous brand of sewing machine. And, you’ll never regret investing in this name. For the past several years, Singer has released several heavy-duty sewing machines for professional and commercial use.

Check out the best heavy duty sewing machine for the money listed below from the leading manufacturer, Singer.

No.1: Singer 4423

The Singer 4423 is the best heavy duty sewing machine series by Singer Sewing Machine Company. This model is extremely durable and powerful. It has a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute that is unlike you’ve seen in other sewing equipment brands.

Additionally, this model features 23 built-in stitches so you can make a wide range of sewing projects. It also has a powerful piercing action that can sew multiple layers of thick fabrics like leather. And, it has a strong construction that makes the equipment last for a lifetime.

No. 2: Singer Quantum Stylist 9960

This sewing machine series by Singer is perfect for creating projects that involves using leather. This model received the highest review scores in the market. This product has several features that is worth spending money.

One reason why you should consider this model is the 600 stitching patterns embedded on this item. Moreover, it has loads of awesome features such as powerful stitching action, strong construction, easy to control settings and lots of accessories.

The Singer Quantum Stylist is ideal for both beginners and professionals. If you searching for a lifetime investment of sewing machine, this model is definitely on top of the list.

No. 3: Singer 4411

The Singer 4411 is an older version to 4423. Though it may not have to fantastic qualities of the Singer 4423, however, this model is also a great buy for the money.

The Singer 4411 has a powerful 110V motor that can create projects out of several types of fabric. Moreover, it can sew thick layers of leather making it ideal for professional and business use. It also has a fast swing speed of 1,100 stitches per minute to help you create several projects in one hour.

When talking about convenience, the Singer 4411 is never far behind. This item is easy to maneuver especially for beginners. Also, it has an automatic needle threader, an easy to use a bobbin, and automatic buttonhole stitching so you can begin with your project hassle-free.

No. 4: Singer CG590

The Singer CG509 is built for commercial purposes. It is a muscle sewing machine that is suitable for factory, workshop, and home use. This model has 18 patterns with a maximum speed of 1,100 stitches per minute. It has a free arm, so you can work on hard to reach spots. The drop feed system makes everything easier for you to work on various sewing projects.

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