The Best Distortion Pedals

The market is full of different types of pedals most that are suitable for distortion. Your selection may determine type of sound produced. If you need some wild and dirty distortion then you need to visit the popular distortion pedals that are leading in the market. The market is reach with a variety of effects that you need to get and practice more.

Electro Harmonix Nano Big Muff

It has a massive impact in the industry when it comes to overdrives and distortion. It is a compact make of the original design with three feature controls, brings thunderstorm and a very enclosure with a sleek look.  It delivers in abundance if you need one that has large amounts of gains.

It is easy to control it and to work with. The pedal offers a lot for you and you will feel to appreciate how it works. Once you plug in to the signal, you can use any of the dirty saturated distortion to a more contained one using a knob.

Wampler Plextortion

Has a unique piece that works with style and care. It caters for those who love distortion and those who prefer the classic “plexi” sound that was once famous in the early 80’s. It features resistors offering a good response, a TrueBypass and an easy to use interface. It has different controls mids, bass, and volume, treble and gain knobs. It has vintage and modern types of switching with a light or dark tuning.

MXR M104 Distortion+

It has one of the most distorted tones and recognized as a strange beast. The strangeness comes in from a fact that it is germanium based distortion. You can use a heavy drive to a fuzzy tone of distortion. It has an odd combination resulting to a good tone that offers a lot of range. It has two knobs and footswitch that shapes the tone.

Boss DS1

With this one you can misunderstand it if you are not careful. With a lot of expectation from people that you just need to plug in a signal chain and get a direct thick of distortion for this it is wrong. It is designed to spice up your clean signal. It can clean up a signal passing through an aggressive distortion pedal.

If you make less effort to learn it, you may get disappointed and confused. You need to figure out all the intricacies it has then you will find it one of your favorite. It has a unique pedal found on pedal board and affordable distortion pedals you can afford.

EarthQuaker Devices Hoof

It is perfect for your own standard distortion with a legendary design. It has that special feature of a fuzz box and distortion. It is pretty simple with a four knob that makes it easy to shape the tone satisfying you with a variety of different tones.


With the wide variety of guitar pedals in the market, getting one might confuse you. Get the real info on guitar pedals for distortion which will of be of great benefit when it comes to selecting one. You need one that you have information on how it can invigorate your sound system.