Smoothie Blender Buying Guide

Smoothies are healthy, nutritious, and thick beverages that are made of raw, clean, and fresh fruits and/or vegetables. The main ingredients are mixed with water, milk, crushed ice, and sweeteners like sugar, honey, and the likes. However, they can also be consumed as is. They are commonly prepared using blenders. Blenders are products that are manufactured in order to break down items like fruits and vegetables into tiniest pieces. Meaning, they will extract the juice and fiber contents of the product being blended or processed.

Since smoothies are starting to be a go-to item for people who want to be healthier and parents who want to ensure that their children get the right nutrient levels, the number of smoothie blenders being sold in the market is increasing in number. With such in regard, it is important that people should learn how to evaluate the blender that they are going to buy. Thus, the question, “what is the best blender? ” is very vital. Brands and manufacturer names are often times the most important thing that many people look into when they are buying blenders. Although such can be the safest thing to do, people should also understand that popular brands are usually very expensive. That is due to the fact that they already have a good reputation and integrity. Nevertheless, people should still look into other options.

In any situation (whether buying a known or new brand), it is important that people look into common features that can identify if the blender will work for their needs and/or wants. And when you buy electronic or electrical items, it is very important that they check the power capacity of the product. Such is measured by the number of watts or horsepower. Generally speaking, a blender that has a high power level will be best for tough vegetables and fruits, as well as for frozen drinks, seed-rich fruits, pulpy vegetables, and ice. Another great thing about high-powered blenders is that they can blend or breakdown items in seconds. Thus, the process will not consume most of the user’s time. As stated by many experts, blenders that have a minimum of 500 watts or horsepower will be the best choice. People who will be buying smoothie blenders should also think about the frequency of their usage. They should ask themselves how many times a week or day are they going to use the blender. The running time of blenders can be determined by the Rotations Per Minute or RPM measurement of the product’s motor. In general, the rule is that the higher the RPM, the longer period the blender can run or operate correctly and safely.

In addition, since smoothie blenders run using a motor, it is also important to consider it’s stability capabilities. Such will ensure that the product will not be moving around or sliding when it is being used. Thus, it is worth considering smoothie blenders that have heavy bases. It is also worthy to buy those that have tight lids. Such will ensure that the items being blended will not spatter around the kitchen. Further, it is also best to buy smoothie blenders that are very easy to use and clean.


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