Self-Massage Tips to Relieve Pain

When you are feeling achy all over or when you just feel so stressed because of work and other activities, it would be nice to go to a spa and have a professional help you relax and ease the pains. However, you might not have the luxury or the time to go to spas or health clubs to feel such relief. Work schedule, budget, and even family factors can hinder you from experiencing the pleasure that those massages can offer.


Sometimes, you just have to endure the pain or take some medication, hoping that the pain would soon pass so you could live your life normally and work well. If this is the case, then you might want to check out the tips below for you to be able to give your body pain some relief even when you are at home or in the office.




Step on a ball with your bare foot and move your foot front and back to let the ball roll under your heel to your toe. Just press firmly but not too hard as to flatten the ball. You can do this while sitting or standing. Use a spiked ball or a tennis ball will do. Your tired feet would be relaxed even while you are working on your desk.




If you are experiencing some aches on the head or the neck because of poor posture when you are working, this fast relief would work for you. Hold two tennis balls under your head as you lay on the floor with your knees bent. The tennis balls should be at the sides of your skull. Then, tuck and lift your chin and move your head from side to side alternately.


Arms and Hands


When your hands and arms start to get sore because of typing on the computer for too long or signing some documents, you might want to try this simple method. Put one hand on your lap with your palm up. Press and move from your forearm to the wrist using the palm of your other hand. With your hand still on your lap, do the same on the palm moving towards the tips of the fingers and the thumb. Switch hands and repeat the steps.




You can use a foam roller or some tennis balls to relieve some pain you are feeling on your back which is caused by poor posture, slouching or sitting for too long. Position the ball or the roller in the middle of your back, just beneath the shoulder blades as you lay on the floor. Push your feet to make your body move to and fro, making the ball or the roller underneath you works on the sore muscles on your back. You can also do this standing, by putting the ball or the roller between your back and the wall. It would also be best to use a back massager that you can put on your chair. (Check out some reviews of the top back massagers available here).