Safe and Healthy Pre-Workout

Not feeling like going to the gym? Feeling a little too slow or weak during intense workouts? For people who are actively working out, it’s not uncommon to overhear other gym-goers discuss about a plethora of supplements that supposedly help to enhance performance during workouts or build muscle mass fast. Aside from the overused whey protein shakes, or amino tablets, one might have heard of the magical supplements called “Pre-Workouts”, but what exactly are they?

Pre-workouts are supplements that are taken before hitting the gym. Without getting technical about things, these pre-workout drinks are supposed to increase mind and body coordination. They allow the body to increase its performance for intensive training.

There are many pre-workout supplements out there, made by different companies. Not all pre-workouts have the same ingredients, but most of them contain a mix of the following:

Creatine– This is something very gym-goer must have heard a couple of times. Creatine is known to enhance strength, which in turn enables the person to lift more to gain more muscle mass.

Amino Acids– BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), along with other amino acids, are known to aid in muscle protein synthesis.

B-Complex– they are different B vitamins that help promote different functions of the body such as converting carbohydrates from food to produce energy, and more.

Stimulants– the stimulants in the supplements are what provide the body the “kick” during workout. Some examples of these are caffeine which is the most common, betaine, beta-alanine, or it could also be a proprietary blend.

Endurance Enhancer – along with Creatine, some pre-workouts put citrulline that helps the release of Nitric Oxide, enhancing endurance.

As mentioned earlier, not all pre-workouts are made the same, and not all are safe to consume and actually works. In looking for the best pre-workout, check these following items:

No Harmful Ingredients

Some pre-workouts contain ingredients that can potentially harm the person in the long run at the expense of having and explosive workout. Most pre-workouts are made from proprietary blend and a lot of caffeine, which are proven to have an adverse effect when taken a lot.


A good pre-workout does not use cheap and harmful ingredients. Some pre-workouts use dyes or fillers like titanium dioxide, which absolutely bad for the health. A good pre-workout uses natural sweeteners, such as stevia, to make the drink taste great and also leaving no junk and harmful things inside the body.

Improves Performance

A good pre-workout must do what it claims to do. It must be able to improve the performance of the person during a workout session in an effective and natural way.

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