Pros and Cons of Using a Multitrack Recording Software

Any modern studio is equipped with a multitrack recording software. It is a common tool used by music experts every day. The old fashioned 24 and 48 track open reel tape deck are now substituted by this technology. Though some old tape deck enthusiasts would argue that this is much better than the new recording software, they cannot prove their point considering the fact that a digital multitrack software works faster and is a cost-effective option. You may still want to keep that old 24 track 2-inch tape without the assurance that these records will be preserved. This can be impractical considering the cost of the tape that goes along with it.


However, the intricacy of creating music has been realized over time. Even playing guitar can be hard to perfect. You can’t just grab this instrument and play it well immediately. Hence, when recording music, even guitar experts have some flaws in their music. But this can be polished with the use of a multitrack recording software. This type of program is easy to keep up. There is no need to install even a single moving part. Installation can’t be done once and you are good to go. This software needs to be updated from time to time when its new version arrives. And if you fail to do this part, expect to experience compatibility problems in the long run. But this is just a slight issue compared to the cost you need to pay to repair a tape deck which can amount to $500 dollars. You can also enjoy playing its different flash games and programs like DJ Hero. However, these games won’t create real music so they are only meant for recreation purposes.


As with other types of products, the multitrack recording software has its downsides too. It needs an excellent user interface for it to be effective. Of course, you may claim that you can simply use your computer. But whether you believe this or not, you need to know that your PC will never be enough. The interfaces are essential and they come in many sizes and shapes. Tangible physical feeders are equally important. Pan pots are needed for your stereo imaging and EQ knows are also essential. Indeed tracking or even mixing an album is impossible without the use of an interface.


You need to be a skillful audio engineer before you can identify the best multitrack recorders. Of course, you can always read product reviews but if you wanted to make this your lifetime profession then why not enroll to an audio engineering school? It is a 1-year program with classes and music lab totaling to about 700-900 hours. Once you are done with this course, you will receive a diploma.

But if you only intend music recording as part of your hobby, you can still edit or record audio as you want. However, it can be difficult for newbies like you to find the best music recording systems so you better solicit an expert advice when it comes to this matter.

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