Preventing Shin Splints Effectively

If you are an athlete, you might have already heard of the term shin splint. This is a type of painful condition that affects the leg muscles, tendons, and bone, particularly the shinbone or tibia. This is common amongst exercise enthusiasts, dancers, military people, and, runners. This means that the commonly affected individuals are those who use their feet intensely and regularly.

More often than not, shin splints happen because of muscle injury or fatigue. That means that the pain will not go away as long as the muscles are not well. Most of us know that muscle tissue recovery takes a lot of time, and that is something that most of you cannot wait for because you need to proceed with work or training.

With that said, here are some simple tips that can help you prevent the occurrence of shin splints.

Ways to Prevent Shin Splints

Preventing shin splints is not as challenging as some of you might think. In fact, it can be prevented by carefully selecting your gear.

  • Strengthening the Right Muscles

The human body is a complicated system that works together in order to achieve balance. Hence, the muscles on our legs will provide support to the other muscles if they are weak. Likewise, the other muscles in our body will provide support to the leg muscles if needed.

With that said, if our core and glute muscles are weak, all the pressure will be on the leg muscles since it needs to support the weight of the lower body, leading to swelling and pain, especially when you run or stand for a long time. The solution? Strengthen those muscles through proper exercise and gym.

  • Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

This consideration might apply to anyone since some of you have standard apparel at work. In general, you must always choose a pair of shoes that is comfortable on your feet. It should have the right fit as well as the right amount of cushioning. If you run or jog, your running shoes should provide the proper balance, as well as have outer soles that are not too thin.

  • Wear Compression Sleeves

Some of you might already be familiar with compression socks but there are actually great compression shin splint sleeves for runners, joggers, and for the general public. These shin sleeves will provide further support to your muscles especially if you are doing strenuous activities.

As similar to compression socks, they will give your legs the right amount of squeeze or pressure so that there will be better blood flow in the area. As such, the muscles will be provided with the right or increased amount of oxygen. In this way, your muscles tissues will recover quickly. Likewise, the stress on the muscles will be lessened.

Final Words

Just like any painful bodily conditions, shin splints will limit your productivity as well as your movement. Although it can recover through hot-and-cold therapy, ice cold bath, rest, and exercises, it is always better to prevent its occurrence and enjoy a normal and pain-free life.