Fast Food Business Lessons Applicable to Small Businesses

The fast food business has become a multi-billion conglomerate sprawling across the globe with food chains that have polished and perfected their operations. Regardless of the discrepancy in size, however, small QSRs (quick service restaurants) can glean some lessons from these mammoth enterprises. Here is an overview of some things that can be learned and applied from them the way the big food companies do business.

Consistency in quality and taste is one of the main characteristics of the large fast food business. This consistency is not achieved through simple expertise, experience, or chance. Among the established food chains, there is a prescribed method of food preparation which is painstakingly recorded and followed. Food portions are pre-measured and prepared so that the size of servings is not arbitrary and stipulated cooking temperatures and times are meticulously kept. The flavorings, breading, sauces or batter are all pre-mixed and ready for use in set quantities. Of course, a very good restaurant online ordering software helps these fast food chains maintain consistency when ordering supplies.

  • Food is served quickly.

Fast food is called fast food precisely because it is fast. This speed comes from streamlined operations that have become the hallmark of successful quick service restaurants all over the world. Even when cues at the counter are long, food from a fast food restaurant is usually served in fifteen to twenty minutes. This is something that small diners and small restaurants need to build a system around.

  • Food choices are clear.

Successful chains have a menu comprised of not too many items and this allows customers less of an opportunity to be fickle. Diners are able to make up their minds quickly time after time. As this happens repeatedly, customers begin to memorize the food that they want and more often than not, they go the stores knowing what they will order – a real time saver.

  • Trained personnel.

The crews in fast food business establishments that have made it big are usually trained and it shows. The training they have had taught them to take orders accurately, to show a pleasant face and to move briskly. Their hair looks like it will stay out of the food; their uniforms look clean and if they have any not-very-professional habits (like chewing gum), they certainly do not do it at their workplace. A small entrepreneur may think this is not applicable for a small business but nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Cleanliness

It is another area where small businesses can find lessons to learn, most diners will have a kitchen that is not seen by the customers but the big chains have learned that a clean visible kitchen inspires confidence and attracts a loyal clientele. Of course, his will take extra effort and expense but it will be well worth it. Diners will trust the establishment and keep coming back when food handling is in plain view and they know sanitary conditions are maintained.

  • Investing in advertising

This is another lesson that entrepreneurs need to learn from the fast food chains. No one can overemphasize the importance of name recall which comes as a result of marketing and advertising techniques.

It is not impossible for small businesses to apply the lessons that can be learned from big companies. Even the small diners whose owners do not really want to expand their businesses can benefit from these lessons in terms of improved income, smoother operations and better satisfaction for both the restaurants and their customers.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness During Earthquakes

Earthquakes are among the natural forces that terrify humans because it can happen anytime and the damages can be wide scale. There are about 70 to 75 damaging earthquakes a year worldwide. Most states of the U.S are susceptible to these plutonic and tectonic forces with California being the most prone due to the movements of the San Andreas Fault. The New Madrid Fault in Missouri had the strongest 3-month streak of earthquakes way back in 1811 to 1812 with some having magnitudes higher than 8. Aftershocks are the smaller shocks that follow the main tremor in the first hours, days, weeks or even months after the earthquake. These aftershocks can cause damages and also weaken buildings.

The causes of death or injury are seldom related to the ground movement. Most damages result from flying glass, collapsing walls, and buildings and falling objects. While the earthquakes are unpredictable, the ensuing damages are both predictable and preventable. A well-laid disaster and emergency preparedness plan and framework, and an educated and cooperative citizenry can spell a huge difference in curtailing the damages.

What are some of the things the people must remember to protect their lives, that of their families and their properties?

  • Where earthquakes have previously occurred, they are bound to be repeated. Find out more by getting information from the local emergency management office, state geological survey, and department of natural resources and/or Red Cross. Being informed is good so that personal preparations can be beefed up.


  • For you and your family’s sake, develop a family disaster plan. Picking the safe areas of the house is important to be discussed among members of the family such as under a sturdy table. Conduct drills especially with kids. Practice, drop, cover and hold-on. Get trainings and relay these trainings to the other members of the household. Give each one a task especially if there are very young kids in the house.


  • Every home must have disaster supplies kit that contain basic needs as well as evacuation supply kit. These contain basic survival items such as flashlight, personal medicines, water, dehydrated foods, match, first-aid items, etc. Keep a flashlight and most basic clothing and gears on the bedside for easy access if and when earthquakes happen in the middle of the night. Invest in a portable generator in anticipation of power outages. However, read this before you buy one to make sure you’re putting your money on the best one.


  • Conduct regular checkup of your home especially after an earthquake so you would be aware if there are certain weakened structural part. Have these reinforced to prevent it from collapsing in the event of a large tremor. Ensure that the chandeliers are firmly secured and that there are no stuff that will fall on you and your family during the quake and the aftershocks. Earthquake-proof your home so that the fragile items will not break and flammable materials will not catch fire.


Surely, there are still a lot of things you must do to prepare for an earthquake in order to keep the damages to a minimum. Staying calm and conscious is important so that everything that has been learned and practiced about disaster and emergency preparedness will come to the fore. Learn about your area’s susceptibilities from the local emergency preparedness to know what you’re up against.


Robotic Pool Cleaner Maintenance

Anyone who has a pool in their backyard understands the hassles of manually cleaning the sides and surface of the pool. In fact, to ensure a thorough clean of the surface, sometimes the pool has to be emptied entirely. There’s very little doubt that pool cleaners are extremely useful and convenient in this regard. Interestingly, some pool owners may sometimes think to themselves that they should never have had a pool, to begin with. Investing in one can make pool owners see their pool as a luxury again. But like every equipment, especially one as heavy-duty as robotic pool cleaners, there are different responsibilities that come along with it. Cleaning and maintenance of a robotic pool cleaner are important to make sure that it lasts more than a lifetime and can provide optimal cleaning capabilities. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep the robotic pool cleaner in good shape.

  1. Clean the filter on a regular basis.

Similar to vacuum cleaners, robotic pool cleaners have filters that catch debris. There isn’t a clear cut guideline on precise timelines for cleaning filters. The frequency of cleaning filters depends on numerous factors. These factors include the size of the pool, how many people are using the pool, how dirty the immediate surrounding is, and the capacity of the robotic pool cleaner itself. To get a good idea on when’s the best time to clean the filter, the best thing to do as the owner would be to check it after every cleaning. It doesn’t have to be this frequent since the filter isn’t that dirty from one cleaning, though it is said that storing a cleaner with dirty filters for a long time might cause problems.

  1. Always place the cleaner on its caddy when storing.


It’s easy to get careless of using household appliances. Some people put too much faith on the durability of their choice of appliances and end up compromising the build in the long run. Caddies are included upon purchase of robotic pool cleaners for a good reason. Without it, the brush on the bottom of the cleaner would constantly be pressing the surface. This damages the brush and drastically reduces their capability to clean the surface of the pool when needed once again.

  1. Check filters for silt build-up.


Some pools have gritty sediments that can substantially reduce the ability of the robotic cleaner to suck in other contaminants. Unlike the usual cleaning of the filter of obvious debris build-up, the problem with silt is that it’s not that easy to spot with a passing glance. The best way to check for silt build-up is to leave the filter under the sun and check for any thin layer of silt that will become more visible.

It’s also a good idea that on top of doing this robotic cleaner maintenance, the pool owner has to get one from a reliable manufacturer. There are reviews of the best robotic pool cleaners on the World Wide Web. This makes it easy for buyers to check the reliability of a certain brand or model. After all, it is an expensive equipment.


Smoothie Blender Buying Guide

Smoothies are healthy, nutritious, and thick beverages that are made of raw, clean, and fresh fruits and/or vegetables. The main ingredients are mixed with water, milk, crushed ice, and sweeteners like sugar, honey, and the likes. However, they can also be consumed as is. They are commonly prepared using blenders. Blenders are products that are manufactured in order to break down items like fruits and vegetables into tiniest pieces. Meaning, they will extract the juice and fiber contents of the product being blended or processed.

Since smoothies are starting to be a go-to item for people who want to be healthier and parents who want to ensure that their children get the right nutrient levels, the number of smoothie blenders being sold in the market is increasing in number. With such in regard, it is important that people should learn how to evaluate the blender that they are going to buy. Thus, the question, “what is the best blender? ” is very vital. Brands and manufacturer names are often times the most important thing that many people look into when they are buying blenders. Although such can be the safest thing to do, people should also understand that popular brands are usually very expensive. That is due to the fact that they already have a good reputation and integrity. Nevertheless, people should still look into other options.

In any situation (whether buying a known or new brand), it is important that people look into common features that can identify if the blender will work for their needs and/or wants. And when you buy electronic or electrical items, it is very important that they check the power capacity of the product. Such is measured by the number of watts or horsepower. Generally speaking, a blender that has a high power level will be best for tough vegetables and fruits, as well as for frozen drinks, seed-rich fruits, pulpy vegetables, and ice. Another great thing about high-powered blenders is that they can blend or breakdown items in seconds. Thus, the process will not consume most of the user’s time. As stated by many experts, blenders that have a minimum of 500 watts or horsepower will be the best choice. People who will be buying smoothie blenders should also think about the frequency of their usage. They should ask themselves how many times a week or day are they going to use the blender. The running time of blenders can be determined by the Rotations Per Minute or RPM measurement of the product’s motor. In general, the rule is that the higher the RPM, the longer period the blender can run or operate correctly and safely.

In addition, since smoothie blenders run using a motor, it is also important to consider it’s stability capabilities. Such will ensure that the product will not be moving around or sliding when it is being used. Thus, it is worth considering smoothie blenders that have heavy bases. It is also worthy to buy those that have tight lids. Such will ensure that the items being blended will not spatter around the kitchen. Further, it is also best to buy smoothie blenders that are very easy to use and clean.


Pros and Cons of Using a Multitrack Recording Software

Any modern studio is equipped with a multitrack recording software. It is a common tool used by music experts every day. The old fashioned 24 and 48 track open reel tape deck are now substituted by this technology. Though some old tape deck enthusiasts would argue that this is much better than the new recording software, they cannot prove their point considering the fact that a digital multitrack software works faster and is a cost-effective option. You may still want to keep that old 24 track 2-inch tape without the assurance that these records will be preserved. This can be impractical considering the cost of the tape that goes along with it.


However, the intricacy of creating music has been realized over time. Even playing guitar can be hard to perfect. You can’t just grab this instrument and play it well immediately. Hence, when recording music, even guitar experts have some flaws in their music. But this can be polished with the use of a multitrack recording software. This type of program is easy to keep up. There is no need to install even a single moving part. Installation can’t be done once and you are good to go. This software needs to be updated from time to time when its new version arrives. And if you fail to do this part, expect to experience compatibility problems in the long run. But this is just a slight issue compared to the cost you need to pay to repair a tape deck which can amount to $500 dollars. You can also enjoy playing its different flash games and programs like DJ Hero. However, these games won’t create real music so they are only meant for recreation purposes.


As with other types of products, the multitrack recording software has its downsides too. It needs an excellent user interface for it to be effective. Of course, you may claim that you can simply use your computer. But whether you believe this or not, you need to know that your PC will never be enough. The interfaces are essential and they come in many sizes and shapes. Tangible physical feeders are equally important. Pan pots are needed for your stereo imaging and EQ knows are also essential. Indeed tracking or even mixing an album is impossible without the use of an interface.


You need to be a skillful audio engineer before you can identify the best multitrack recorders. Of course, you can always read product reviews but if you wanted to make this your lifetime profession then why not enroll to an audio engineering school? It is a 1-year program with classes and music lab totaling to about 700-900 hours. Once you are done with this course, you will receive a diploma.

But if you only intend music recording as part of your hobby, you can still edit or record audio as you want. However, it can be difficult for newbies like you to find the best music recording systems so you better solicit an expert advice when it comes to this matter.

Varied Causes of Midlife Hemorrhoids

By the time an individual reaches midlife, one starts facing different challenges in life. Some common behaviors observed during midlife include giving emphasis to actions, appearance, and others. One factor that affects midlife individuals is their health. Bodily functions and development slow up during the midlife stage. It is common and most of them face different health related problems such as midlife hemorrhoids.


Many 40- to 50-year-olds experience hemorrhoids caused by different factors. If you belong to this age group and you suffer from hemorrhoids, know that you can do something about it. However, before discussing causes and prevention, one must first understand what hemorrhoids are in the first place.


What are hemorrhoids? A hemorrhoid is an inflammation that can be located internally or externally of the anal canal or rectum. This condition reveals different symptoms that can affect one’s health such as pain, bleeding, itching, and discomfort on the affected part of the anus. It is common for both men and women, particularly during the midlife stage. Nevertheless, you can learn from Nature’s Answers hemorrhoid advice to know what you should do about it.


Here are some of the reasons why people suffer from hemorrhoids:


Inadequate Exercise – 48 percent of individuals who do not get proper exercise are more prone to hemorrhoids. They are probably busy with work or with their family, which is why they don’t have time for exercise. These are real life issues for midlife individuals since exercise is very important for the body. Exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the anus or rectum to maintain proper bowel movement. Thus, proper exercise can reduce the chances of getting hemorrhoids, especially in midlife, since during this time, the normal function and development of the body slows down.


Smoking – Only 21 percent of individuals in the midlife stage are able to stop or quit smoking. That’s a good thing since smoking is one of the main factors in the formation of hemorrhoids. Tobacco damages not only the lungs but also the rectum, thereby causing hemorrhoids.


Inadequate Intake of Fiber – The numbers are quite alarming, but apparently, 71 percent of midlife individuals do not eat enough food rich in fibers. Midlifers’ fast-paced lifestyle is the main reason why they are deficient when it comes to adequate fiber intake. They are too busy that they don’t even have time for a healthy diet. Taking in fiber-rich foods such as wheat, fruits, and vegetables can improve a midlifer’s digestion, resulting in a better elimination of waste products.


The longer health complications go, the more difficult it becomes to pinpoint the exact cause of the complication. Since midlife hemorrhoids are the dilemma of most 40- to 50-year-old individuals, it is important to note that the proper management to avoid the cause of hemorrhoids is to have proper lifestyle modification, increased fiber intake, and regular exercise.


There are many midlife health problems that can arise. Nevertheless, always remember that prevention is better than cure. No matter how busy you are in earning or raising a child, do not forget that health is a priority. In midlife, optimum health is an essential partner in life to achieve one’s goal.

Everything About Vertical Jump

A vertical jump or vertical leap is an activity wherein an individual elevates off the ground in a standing position. The standing vertical jump is the type wherein the individual jumps vertically without taking any steps. The running vertical jump, on the other hand, is the type of vertical jump done immediately after the doer took a run or approach. The vertical jump is usually measured to determine the capabilities or abilities of an athlete. Such is due to the fact that it is a skill that is important in track and field, basketball, volleyball, and football. It can also be used to measure the strength of an athletes’ muscle, as well as their anaerobic power. Some also take a person’s vertical jump measurement to determine the athlete’s recovery state after weight training and practice sessions. Generally speaking, it is a measure of the athlete’s leg strength.

In general, the vertical jump can be measured in two ways. The first one is done by letting the athlete stand straight on the ground or floor. After which, he or see raises an arm to reach up against the wall. The highest point that is touched by the fingertips is measured and is called the standing reach. After such, the athlete is asked to jump as high as she or he can and touch the wall. Such is then marked by the coach. The distance between the standing reach and the second measurement is taken and is called the athlete’s vertical jump. Such method is considered as the easiest and the most common. The second type of measurement involves putting an infrared laser at ground level in order to take the necessary measurement. The athlete simply jumps and tries to reach the plane of the laser with the hand. Such is noted and measured. This technique is considered by professionals as accurate and efficient. Thus, it is the one being utilized by high-level collegiate and professional performance evaluations or assessments.

Athletes who are in high school are basically required to have a vertical jump measurement from 24 to 28 inches in order to be considered good. A better measurement will be between 28 and 32 inches. Those who reach the level from 32 to 36 inches are the ones who are considered as excellent. The good thing about vertical jump is that anyone can reach far way more than the excellent level is they want to. Basically, all they need to do is train regularly. The best training that can help improve such is strength exercises that focus on the legs, hips and core muscles. That is because they are the ones that contribute to power when a person jumps. Some training types that can be considered include squats, lunges, and pylometrics.z

Aspiring basketball players will have a great benefit when they improve their vertical jump because it will be easy for them to dunk and rebound the ball. Football players, on the other hand, will have a better catch and defensive skill. What is more important is that the confidence that it can give to every athlete. People who want to learn more about vertical jump improvement techniques can check this page.


Keep That Beautiful Smile by Thoroughly Cleaning Your Teeth!

Admit it. Not everyone is blessed to have a beautiful smile. While some individuals are born with naturally beautiful teeth, there are some individuals who don’t get the chance to let out that big smile because they didn’t bother taking care of their teeth the way they should. That is why having good dental habits is very important.


Taking care of your teeth is something that you should keep in mind every single day especially if you are aiming to have that perfect smile. The only problem is, most times, it takes more than just brushing your teeth in order for you to thoroughly take out all the plaque and dirt that you get when you eat. This is why you need to regularly visit your dentist every 6 months for a proper cleaning. But if you are looking for the best ways to keep your teeth clean as much as possible, what you can do is to check out the latest devices made to take out all the dirt from your teeth. If you want to find the best items that you can use to effectively keep your teeth clean, check out these following devices:


If you want to brush your teeth and ensure that you are taking out the dirt effectively, you can start by replacing your regular toothbrush with an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush can ensure that your teeth will be cleaned using effective vibrations when you turn it on. It is also an easier alternative because you don’t have to move your hands too much when you brush!


Among the devices that you can use to keep your teeth clean is the water flosser. The water flosser shoots out water in between the teeth and the gums to take out the hard clinging dirt. With the water floss, you can take out the remaining dirt that you were not able to take out after your regular brushing. Another good thing about it is it does not cause bleeding because it does not scrape the gums that normally happen when you brush your teeth too hard! The dental water flosser has been proven to be 99.99% effective in taking out the dirt in between your teeth without causing any bleeding which is perfect for those individuals who have sensitive gums. If you want to find different water flosser devices that you can use, you may visit websites like the as they have a variety of dental water flossers that you can use! This site has really good info on the best dental water flosses that you can use! You may even find a device that’s easy on your budget too!


Finally, to keep your entire mouth clean, it is important to keep your tongue clean as the tongue can be a source of the plaque that sticks on to the teeth. To keep your tongue clean, you can use a tongue scraper to take out any dirt on your teeth especially as you brush! This way, you are keeping the bacteria out of your mouth and at the same time, you can ensure that you will have fresh breath too. Try these tips today and you will soon notice that you will have a clean mouth and fresh smelling breath that will keep you confident!

Basic Child Safety in the Car

Basic knowledge about child safety in the car will help any parent elude any injury that may possibly happen when driving a car with your child. Parents should always be aware of the potential threats when riding a car.

For example, not buckling a child or car seat correctly could result in injury especially when the one driving suddenly applies the brakes. Your passenger can either be thrown in front leading to minor bruises, head injuries or worse, your child could be thrown out of the car because of the impact.

Four Steps to Ensure Child Safety in the Car

  1. Buckle your seatbelts or car seats properly.

Most car accidents turn fatal because seatbelts and car seats are not buckled in correctly. Furthermore, accidents also become fatal when parents do not know how to install or use a car seat. There are many common mistakes when it comes to placing your baby or toddler in a car seat. You could place it in the wrong spot or place the baby in it incorrectly. Both could put the child’s safety at risk. To prevent this from happening, you should learn how to install a car seat properly. You can watch tutorials or ask the salesperson when you’re buying the best car booster seat for kids. In addition, you should always double check if the seatbelts are securely fastened.

  1. Lock all doors and turn the child lock on.

Once everyone is fastened in and secured, the next thing you should do is make sure all doors and windows are locked. Turn on child lock to ensure child’s safety, as children tend to play with windows and door handles. It is extremely important to double-check your locks before starting your car.

  1. Make sure everything you need is within reach.

Kids have short attention spans. They could get impatient during long trips. Hence, you need to make sure there are toys, gadgets, or anything within reach that could entertain them while traveling. That would get the kids off your back and make you drive in peace. Another example is your cellular phone; before leaving for your destination, place your phone where it is easily accessible. If you need to use your phone, make sure that it is connected to a Bluetooth device so that you may use it even without using your hands. As much as possible, do not use your phone while driving unless you really need to.

  1. Set rules when traveling in a car.

As the figure of authority, you should brief your children about car safety and set important rules that need to be followed before leaving for any destination. Make sure to discuss proper behavior to be followed and observed when inside the vehicle. Parents can opt to use the incentive method in which he or she can reward the child for good behavior. Some examples of these rules may include no bouncing on the seats, no eating, no roughhousing, no playing with the door handles or windows, listening to what mom or dad says, and many more.

It is always important to equip yourself with basic know-how when it comes to child safety in the car. Many accidents and fatal injuries are results of improper behavior and misuse of car safety products. Equip yourself with basic safety tips for a safe and smooth travel.

Soda Maker Buying Guide

It is a known fact that buying commercially produced sodas can pose danger to the health of people. Such is due to the fact that they usually contain artificial flavoring and high amount of sugar and/or artificial sweetener. However, both adults and children cannot truly control themselves from consuming soda. In fact, the beverage is actually commonly served during get together, parties, and events. The good news is that people can already make their own soda, carbonated, or sparkling water. Thus, they are able to carefully choose the flavor that they want and use natural flavoring as well.

Since soda makers are becoming popular kitchen countertop arsenals, many companies have started producing their own versions and products. Thus, people may have difficulty choosing the one that works best for them, as well as something that has a good quality. Therefore; it is very important that people identify the things that they need to consider when choosing a soda maker. One is that they should be familiar with the types of carbonation methods that manufacturers incorporate in their products. Most manufacturers use carbon dioxide or CO2 canisters to carbonate tap or distilled water. Products that work with such system require replacement of the canister when CO2 is no longer present. Thus, people should make sure that they choose brands that are selling CO2 canisters separately.

Other more expensive soda makers carbonate water by using electricity. Such contain an internal motor that is triggered by electricity. People who are shopping for soda makers should also look into the product’s carafe material. Such is basically the bottle that comes with the machine wherein the water for carbonation will be placed. If people choose machines that come with plastic bottles, they should make sure that such is BPA-free. Likewise, they should check if such is reusable of not. Some brands, on the other hand, include glass bottles or carafes. Although glasses do not usually have an expiration date, such should also be checked.

Additionally, just like buying a coffee maker, people should also look into the capacity of the soda maker. In general, soda makers have carbonators. The level of such will tell the total volume of soda that can be made by the machine. The capacity level of the carafe or the bottle, on the other hand, tells the amount of the beverage that can be made in one process. On another note, carbonators will also require refills when the total capacity has been reached. Thus, it is also important for people to determine if the one they are buying has available carbonator refills on the market.

Further, purchasers should also look into the different liquids or the liquid that can be carbonated by the machine that they are buying. Most soda makers are capable of carbonating plain and warm water. Others, fortunately, can carbonate water, juice, and alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, people should always remember that when they are buying a soda maker, they should always consider their needs and wants. Likewise, they should also always consider to check their reviews out.