Five Criteria to Remember When Searching for a Portable Car Air Conditioner

Does your car AC keeps on malfunctioning?

Replace your old car AC unit with a brand new portable air conditioning system.

Portable car ACs is becoming more popular these days. More and more car owners are switching to this home cooling equipment due to the convenience and energy-efficiency it offers.

Now, like many other products, there is a wide selection of portable car AC. Hence, one variety might not be suitable for your needs. If you are looking for a portable car air conditioner unit, make sure to remember these criteria to help you find the perfect cooling system for your vehicle.

#1 Know the Different Types of Portable Car AC

There are three types of portable car air conditioning systems. These are the fan cooler, bucket vehicle coolers, and the rooftop ACs. Each one of this portable car ACs is ideal for situations. Below are some tips to help you choose which one is best for your needs.

  • Fan Cooler- The most affordable car cooling device in the market. It works excellently in dissipating heat inside a vehicle. It is also easy to install and very energy-efficient. It is an ideal option for small vehicles.
  • Bucket Coolers- This cooling device is great for small cars to RVs. This device operates using a battery or power through outlets in the vehicle.
  • Rooftop Coolers- This AC system is designed for RVs. It is the most expensive type of portable car AC, yet guaranteed long-lasting and effective. It also features a sleek and modern design to match with your car’s look.

#2 Energy-Efficiency

For sure you heard this word many times when selecting a cooling or heating system. Being an energy-efficient unit means the device does not consume and waste a lot of energy. Moreover, energy-efficient cooling equipment won’t drain your fuel or battery immediately.

#3 Air Circulation

Of course, you have to take in mind the ability of the device to keep your car cool and comfortable. Make sure it offers great air circulation and quickly dispels heat inside the car.  You can check the performance of a portable car AC by reading product reviews from customers. Also, you’ll find reliable information such as the product’s details and specifications through reliable online sources like the Know the Flo.

#4 Temperature Control and Speed Settings

Another factor that must take into consideration is the temperature control and speed settings of a car cooling device.

If you are planning to get a fan cooler, make sure it has adjustable speed controls. The same goes for bucket and rooftop coolers. Check for temperature controls so you can adjust the temperature as per your comfort.

#5 Your Budget

Do not forget your budget when selecting a car cooling device. You can choose either a fan cooler or bucket version if you are low on the budget. But if you prefer an advanced portable AC regardless of the price, go with rooftop car air conditioning units.

Now that you know the factors to consider when selecting a portable car AC, all you have to do is select which device to pick.

If you have questions about these devices, go to Know the Flo for additional details.