Everything You Need to Know About Blender Before Buying One

Are you planning to purchase your very first kitchen blending machine?

Here are the top things you need to know about a kitchen blender before buying one.

  1. A blender and food processor are two different kitchen devices

One of the common mistakes in the kitchen is using the blender as a food processor, and likewise. Although both blender and food processor are designed to crush ingredients, there are some tough ingredients that most kitchen blenders are not able to crush. A food processor is designed for more intensive tasks like pulverizing tough and hard foods such as nuts and some seeds.

The blender, on the other hand, is not as powerful as the food processor; however, not as versatile as the blender. While the food processor can crush hard and tough ingredients, it cannot be used to mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients – only blenders can do that.

  1. The best food to blend

Blenders are versatile; you can make the following standard jar blenders:

•    Puree
•    Blending cooked foods
•    Gravy
•    Cream soup
•    Blend the egg yolks for filling or custards
•    Frozen vegetables or fruits for shakes, smoothie, and your own version of Slurpees
•    Make a batter for your waffle or pancake
•    Salad dressings
•    Dips and salsas

There are more things you can do with blenders, just try to explore. However, make sure not do these following with your blender:

•    Mashing potatoes with your blender
•    Whisking egg whites or cream with your blender
•    Grind raw meat or hard vegetables and nuts
•    Blend or knead the dough

  1. How to buy a blender

If you are ready to buy your very first kitchen blender, you should pick out the best; you may read this blender buying guide first or it should have the following:

•    A tight-fitted lid
•    A quality-designed pour spout
•    A reliable and stable base
•    It should be versatile
•    It should be easily cleanup
•    It should have a good length of warranty

Also, before choosing the best blender, you should consider the following:

•    How are you going to use the blender?There are several types of blenders according to its use; for instance, the single-serve blender, the general-use blender, and the heavy-duty blender.
•    How often will you use the blender? If you are going to use the blender more often, it would be wise to choose a durable and powerful type of blender.
•    Is it important to have features? There are a lot of blenders that you can find in the market today; if you are to buy one, it would be smart to purchase those with useful features.
•    Is it worth the price? Another factor to consider when purchasing a kitchen blender is the price. Are you willing to purchase an expensive one or the cheap one? Are the features, overall design, and durability worth the price?

If you are ready to purchase one now, make sure to read reliable reviews on different kitchen blenders.