Everything About Vertical Jump

A vertical jump or vertical leap is an activity wherein an individual elevates off the ground in a standing position. The standing vertical jump is the type wherein the individual jumps vertically without taking any steps. The running vertical jump, on the other hand, is the type of vertical jump done immediately after the doer took a run or approach. The vertical jump is usually measured to determine the capabilities or abilities of an athlete. Such is due to the fact that it is a skill that is important in track and field, basketball, volleyball, and football. It can also be used to measure the strength of an athletes’ muscle, as well as their anaerobic power. Some also take a person’s vertical jump measurement to determine the athlete’s recovery state after weight training and practice sessions. Generally speaking, it is a measure of the athlete’s leg strength.

In general, the vertical jump can be measured in two ways. The first one is done by letting the athlete stand straight on the ground or floor. After which, he or see raises an arm to reach up against the wall. The highest point that is touched by the fingertips is measured and is called the standing reach. After such, the athlete is asked to jump as high as she or he can and touch the wall. Such is then marked by the coach. The distance between the standing reach and the second measurement is taken and is called the athlete’s vertical jump. Such method is considered as the easiest and the most common. The second type of measurement involves putting an infrared laser at ground level in order to take the necessary measurement. The athlete simply jumps and tries to reach the plane of the laser with the hand. Such is noted and measured. This technique is considered by professionals as accurate and efficient. Thus, it is the one being utilized by high-level collegiate and professional performance evaluations or assessments.

Athletes who are in high school are basically required to have a vertical jump measurement from 24 to 28 inches in order to be considered good. A better measurement will be between 28 and 32 inches. Those who reach the level from 32 to 36 inches are the ones who are considered as excellent. The good thing about vertical jump is that anyone can reach far way more than the excellent level is they want to. Basically, all they need to do is train regularly. The best training that can help improve such is strength exercises that focus on the legs, hips and core muscles. That is because they are the ones that contribute to power when a person jumps. Some training types that can be considered include squats, lunges, and pylometrics.z

Aspiring basketball players will have a great benefit when they improve their vertical jump because it will be easy for them to dunk and rebound the ball. Football players, on the other hand, will have a better catch and defensive skill. What is more important is that the confidence that it can give to every athlete. People who want to learn more about vertical jump improvement techniques canĀ check this page.


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