Different Types of Hair Clippers

The hair plays a very important role in enhancing your appearance. You therefore have to take good care of it if you want to look good. You probably know that men require more trimming and cutting of their hair more often than women since women tend to grow very long hair for beauty. As a result, different types of clippers have been invented to help you groom yourself better.  The hair clippers are better, compared to tools such as scissors because they ensure that the hair is cut in a more precise and neat way. The blades used by the hair clippers are usually designed using the ceramic material or the rustproof stainless steel.

It is important to note that hair clippers are classified into two types with regard to how they function. There is the manual type clippers and the electric type clippers.  The manual type of clippers has been in existence for a very long period of time. You should note that it is used to make cuts as close as possible to the skin hence they are not that good for long cuts. The electric clipper is an upgrade of the manual clipper only that it uses electric motors to run its blades.

The electric clipper is also made into different types depending on the type of motor used;

The first type of electric motor is the one run by a rotary motor.  It is said to be among the best clippers when it comes to power usage. You will also notice that speed is normally distributed equally between its blades and power. It also has a superior performance and is very versatile making it suitable for cutting different hairstyles.  If you choose to purchase this type of clipper, you will have to choose between that powered by batteries, direct or alternating current.  You will find this rotary motor hair clipper to be quite expensive but still the most preferred, because it is strong enough to cut off a lot of hair like that found on animals. You should have a look at this honest Philips Norelco OneBlade Review if you are shopping for a hair clipper.

The second type of electric hair clipper is the magnetic motor-powered clipper. You will find this type to be relatively affordable compared to the rotary motor clipper. The motor used in this clipper consists of a spring and electromagnet which function together making the blade to vibrate in a back and forth motion.  This clipper is very beneficial because it does not make noise when running. In addition, you can also use it to cut very large volumes of hair. The magnetic motor clipper also makes smooth cuts which are loved by most people.  Another advantage is that they run in relatively more superior speeds and also require less maintenance since they have very few movable parts.

Another type of hair clipper is the pivot electric clippers. This clipper to be somehow similar to the magnetic clipper. The only difference is that there is no spring in them and that they have two electromagnets installed in them. This type of clipper is disadvantageous because it has very low speeds. You are advised to use it on wet hair and while trimming the hair.