Cleaning Mechanical Aquarium Filters

A fish tank is a good addition to a home, office, restaurant, or any other establishments since it depicts the ocean. It gives some people a relaxing feeling and sometimes provides them with distractions when they are bored.

Of course, a fish tank or aquarium will not be complete without the fishes swimming, the pebbles, the plants (artificial or natural), and other decorations that enhance the ocean-like look of the tank. Since fishes are living things, they should be provided with an environment that will keep them healthy. Thus, filters have been invented.

Fish tank filters, just like the ones you used in your science class, are items that help trap dirt like fish poop and excess food items. They ensure that the water is clean and clear. Mechanical filters are the most common and affordable type. However, it is the one that requires frequent cleaning since it traps not just small debris but also the large ones.

Definitely, a mechanical filter that is not clean would not function well or would not even perform its function. The good thing is that when the water starts to get dirty because of a used mechanical filter, you do not really need to replace it. All you have to do is clean it properly, and we have made it easier for you by providing you with a simple cleaning procedure. So, for more information, continue reading.

Recommended Way of Cleaning Mechanical Filters

According to experts, mechanical filters should be cleaned at least once every month. Also, it is better that you have a regular schedule or a specified day on when to do it, and we recommend a weekend so that you won’t be juggling your time.

When it comes to cleaning mechanical filters, your main concern would be the sponge or pad that is inside it. You should also focus on the tubing since this is where everything passes through. This is the part that usually traps the dirt.

Things you’ll need:

1. Small or medium basin

2. Filter cleaning brush

3. Ordinary soft brush

4. Scoop or any item that you can use to get water from the tank

The Steps:

1. For your safety, the very first thing that you need to do is unplug the filter. Don’t worry since a short time without a filter will not harm the fishes in the tank.

2. Fishes are quite sensitive and any immediate changes in the environment can stress them out. So, it is advisable that you use the water from the tank, as long as it is not too dirty, to clean the filter. Hence, you must scoop out the right amount of water that you need. Place it in the basin.

3. Remove the sponge or pad carefully and wash it in the basin of water. What you just need to do is soak it in the water and squeeze it. Do this several times.

4. Next, using the same water, if not yet too dirty (if it is, replace it), get the soft-bristle brush and clean the filter case. Then using the filter brush, clean the tubing.

5. Install the sponge back and the filter, then, plug it in.

Final Words

Cleaning an aquarium filter is not as hard as it seems as long as you do it regularly. However, if it is too dirty, then you should consider replacing it