Battery Powered Weed Eaters Review

Having a garden can greatly improve the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the home. However, the amount of effort needed to maintain a garden can sometimes be tiring. Grass can grow chaotically; ruining the landscape and disturbing other plants. Even on sidewalks and pathways, they can grow out of order which is not exactly a sight to behold. Today, there are easier ways to trim these weeds away to restore the landscape to its former glory. There is no need to spend almost half of the day cutting grass with oversized garden scissors; go for weed eaters and see how easy maintaining a landscape could get.

Weed eaters have been in the market for quite some time; and there are many weed eaters out there with different specs and advantages for people with different preferences. Before getting one, be sure to check first this detailed review of quality battery powered weed eaters.

Worx GT 2.0

The Worx GT 2.0 is a versatile weed eater that is great for quick maintenance for the lawn. This weed eater is a good tool for small yards and gardens.

Battery – The Worx GT is powered by lithium 32-Volt Max battery which makes it a good weed eater that can be used anytime and anywhere. It is completely cordless; giving full mobility when used.

Length and Height – another thing that makes Worx GT a good choice is its length can be increased or decreased which is controlled by a lever.

Versatility – it has a 3 in 1 capability, making it good for either trimming, edging, or mowing.

Weight – the Worx GT 2.0 is very lightweight and easy to carry.

The Greenworks 21362

For those with larger yards or areas, the Greenworks 21362 might just be the perfect choice.

Trimming Cut  it has a trimming cut that is bigger than most weed eaters and works best for larger gardens and yards. The 14-inch cutting path will surely make the chore faster to finish.

Battery – if the Greenworks 21362 is built for large area weed cutting, then it should also have a powerful battery to keep it running longer. It has a 4AH battery that can power up the cutter for a solid hour.

Brushless Motor – the brushless motor gives a bigger torque and higher energy efficiency. This also makes it quieter to operate.

Black + Decker LCC222

For people wanting to get more than just a weed cutter, this is the best choice.

2 in 1 + Blower  this weed eater can be used as a trimmer or an edger. Additionally, the weed eater comes with a blower that is for cleaning newly cut off grass.

Efficiency – the weed eater comes with an accelerator switch that can be used to control the motor speed to conserve energy.

DeWALT Flexvolt

When it comes to power, there is no arguing that the DeWALT FLexvolt is the best in the list. Thick and overgrown grasses have nothing on this tool.

Battery – it comes with a staggering 60V, 9AH battery. It easily competes with gas powered weed eaters.

Cutting – it has a cutting swath of 15’’ and .080’’ line, but also accepts 0.095’’ line.