Awesome Fact that You Should Know about Bee Propolis

There are many people that are now aware of the awesome benefits of using bee propolis. You should note that bees use propolis as a sealant in their hives so as to fill in the small gaps that are usually 6 millimeters wide or less. The larger gaps in the beehive are made using beeswax. It is important not note that propolis is sticky at room temperatures but when it gets hard and brittle when the temperature gets very low. You should read this post if want to learn more about bee propolis.

You will find that there are various forms in which the bee propolis is sold. Creams that are made with propolis will provides you with the germ killing benefits of propolis as well as the various healing solutions. You can also apply propolis cream so as to heal cuts, burns and skin burns. That’s not all, bee propolis has proven to be a very efficient skin moisturizer.

You should note that propolis mouthwash will help in preventing bad breath, gum problems, and shorten the healing period after oral surgery. Most of the propolis mouthwashes are heavily concentrated and sold in small vials. It is therefore advisable that you mix a few drops of the product in a glass of water before you drink it.

Bees also derive many advantages from propolis. It helps in reinforcing the structural stability of a beehives and reducing the vibrations within the hive. It also prevents parasites from entering into the beehive. The chemical content of bee propolis varies depending on various factors that are present in a region. In most cases it is 5 percent protein, 10 percent essential oils, 30 percent fatty acids and waxes, and 55 percent resins and flavonoids in the form of bee pollen.

The primary benefit of bee propolis to human beings is as an antibiotic. The bioflavonoids present in propolis enhances the resistance to diseases and strengthens the body’s immune system. You should note that propolis stimulates enzyme formation and supplements effectiveness of vitamin C. Experts have concluded that propolis acts against bacteria that causes diseases such as salmonellosis, pneumonia, influenza, tuberculosis and herpes.

You should note that bee propolis works in the same way as prescribed antibiotics. They break down the cytoplasm and walls of bacteria cells and therefore prevents bacterial cell division. You can also take bee propolis as part of a preventive health care program because it is a natural substance. The main reason for this is because your body cannot build up natural resistance to bee propolis as it can to a prescribed medication. As stated earlier, bee propolis has been proven to counteract some viruses, fungi and bacteria.

There are various products in the market that combine bee pollen with propolis in the form of a capsule. While these are very easy to consume, you should note that the process of encapsulation might compromise the effectiveness of the bee pollen. It is therefore advisable to take these two by products simultaneously in different forms so as to enjoy maximum benefits.