Best 7.1 Home Theater Audio to Invest this Year

A quality home theater system is a whole package of high-definition visual and rich sound; the absence of one is just half of the experience. Thus, if you are planning to invest a home theater system this 2018, purchase one with an impressive quality for both audio and screen.

When browsing for a home theater system, the first thing you must do is find a high-quality home theater audio. If you do not have any idea of where to begin, you have to start it by reading product reviews of the latest top seller home theater audios. There are several sites that offer buying guidelines and product reviews on the web. However, you have to be wise on which one to trust. Make sure that whom you are dealing with is reliable and delivers unbiased reports on their web portal, like this source.

If you are searching for an in-depth look at 7.1 home theater systems, check out the leading home theater audio brands to invest this year.

Onkyo SKS Home Theater Audio System

Onkyo is a well-established name of high-quality home theater audio systems. One of its recent product, the Onkyo SKS is not an exception. This 7.1 home theater audio system has 2 front speakers measuring 5 inches which are two-way acoustic-suspension speakers. The center speakers also measure 5 inches with the same two-way acoustic suspension technology which can operate in 130W input power. The surround back speakers are half inches bigger to its front and center speakers. In addition, the subwoofer of this item has a maximum of 125W input power and can achieve the 100Hz sound level in 6 Ohms. This unit comes with an MDF cabinet where the speakers are stored. This feature helps in reducing vibrations when the speakers are working. However, this unit has one downfall; it does not have a stand or wall-mounts for easy installation of the audio system.

Nakamichi Shockwafe Home Theater Audio System 

Another 7.1 home theater speaker system that is worth investing in is the Nakamichi Shockwafe. This unit is a wireless sound surround system. Thus, if prefer a clutter-free home theater system, this audio unit is perfect for you. Aside from this, Nakamichi Shockwafe is compatible with various sound formats namely, Dolby Audio, DTS:X, Neural X and mixing technology.

What makes this unit different from other brands is its soundbar technology feature. Nakamichi has a soundbar with built-in five speakers and an 8 inches wireless subwoofer with a down-firing technology. This feature allows Nakamichi subwoofer to reach 35Hz creating a wonderful bass sound. In addition, this unit uses a quad-core Cirrus Logic Digital Signal Surround Processor. This feature is the reason behind the high-quality sound which Nakamichi produces. The only downside of this equipment is its complicated 52-button remote control. You will have to understand first how to manage the unit before experiencing the best audio Nakamichi Shockwafe has to offer.

Indeed, choosing a home theater audio is confusing. But with the help of an excellent guide, everything will go smooth and easy.

For more buying guidelines and product reviews of the leading 7.1 home theater speaker system, check out this site.

Safe and Healthy Pre-Workout

Not feeling like going to the gym? Feeling a little too slow or weak during intense workouts? For people who are actively working out, it’s not uncommon to overhear other gym-goers discuss about a plethora of supplements that supposedly help to enhance performance during workouts or build muscle mass fast. Aside from the overused whey protein shakes, or amino tablets, one might have heard of the magical supplements called “Pre-Workouts”, but what exactly are they?

Pre-workouts are supplements that are taken before hitting the gym. Without getting technical about things, these pre-workout drinks are supposed to increase mind and body coordination. They allow the body to increase its performance for intensive training.

There are many pre-workout supplements out there, made by different companies. Not all pre-workouts have the same ingredients, but most of them contain a mix of the following:

Creatine– This is something very gym-goer must have heard a couple of times. Creatine is known to enhance strength, which in turn enables the person to lift more to gain more muscle mass.

Amino Acids– BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids), along with other amino acids, are known to aid in muscle protein synthesis.

B-Complex– they are different B vitamins that help promote different functions of the body such as converting carbohydrates from food to produce energy, and more.

Stimulants– the stimulants in the supplements are what provide the body the “kick” during workout. Some examples of these are caffeine which is the most common, betaine, beta-alanine, or it could also be a proprietary blend.

Endurance Enhancer – along with Creatine, some pre-workouts put citrulline that helps the release of Nitric Oxide, enhancing endurance.

As mentioned earlier, not all pre-workouts are made the same, and not all are safe to consume and actually works. In looking for the best pre-workout, check these following items:

No Harmful Ingredients

Some pre-workouts contain ingredients that can potentially harm the person in the long run at the expense of having and explosive workout. Most pre-workouts are made from proprietary blend and a lot of caffeine, which are proven to have an adverse effect when taken a lot.


A good pre-workout does not use cheap and harmful ingredients. Some pre-workouts use dyes or fillers like titanium dioxide, which absolutely bad for the health. A good pre-workout uses natural sweeteners, such as stevia, to make the drink taste great and also leaving no junk and harmful things inside the body.

Improves Performance

A good pre-workout must do what it claims to do. It must be able to improve the performance of the person during a workout session in an effective and natural way.

There are many pre-workouts in the market, but the Genius Pre Workout hits all the items mentioned. The Genius Pre Workout takes out all the harmful ingredients in a pre-workout like caffeine and other proprietary blends. It uses natural key ingredients, making it a top choice compared to other pre-workout supplements. It is effective in giving the body the necessary nutrients to push the body a little further during workout. The Genius Pre workout is effective, and most importantly, safe and healthy to the body. To know more, read this Genius Pre Workout review here:

Top Protective Hearing Gears to Prevent NIHL

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is noticeable to people who are extremely exposed to environments with loud noises. A human can only handle a sound ranging to 60 decibels. Once it reaches above 80 decibels it can cause permanent hearing damage. Loud noises can rupture inner structures of the ear, causing NIHL.

Hunters, sportsman, and individuals who are working in industrial areas where there are loud noises are prone to NIHL. This condition happens gradually; hence, if you keep exposing yourself to loud environments, your hearing will slowly deteriorate in the future. For this reason, it is important to wear hearing protection gears in such environment.

There are online sources where you can find high-quality hearing protection gears.  One of these sites is . This source provides detailed information on the leading hearing protection for industrial noises and gunshots. Thus, if you are a hunter or a sportsman searching for an outstanding hearing protection product, this site is your best option.

What can you find on this source? 

There is a wide variety of hearing gears in the market these days. However, among the choices available on the web, here are the top protective hearing gears you must invest in.

NRR 30 Earplugs

Gunshots sound levels range from 120-190 decibels. This noise level can cause immediate hearing damage. Thus, before going on hunting field or a shooting range, always wear earplugs.

This protective hearing gear can block out up to 30 decibels of noise. However, you have to choose an earplug that has an NRR of 30 dB to guarantee a high performance. In addition, some earplugs are disposable whereas there are certain brands which are reusable. You might want to check out this feature when browsing for an earplug.


Aside from earplugs, another excellent hearing protection gear is earmuffs. This equipment is designed for both professional and recreational purposes; you may also find people who are working in a high-noise level environment like at the airports and construction sites are using this gear too.

When choosing an earmuff, you also have to check the device’s noise reduction rating (NRR). According to the experts, the higher rating that the earmuffs have, the more sound it can block from the outer source. Likewise, you have to double check the durability of the earmuffs. Make sure it is not prone to breakage or tearing to avoid purchasing another set of earmuffs.

Electronic Hearing Protection 

This device is similar to regular earmuffs. The only difference is the electronic hearing protections are more advanced and can reduce harmful noises. Electronic hearing protections are designed for shooting activities. It is often used by military and police officers while training either indoors or outdoors. But in most cases, this device is utilized in indoor shooting to avoid extremely loud noises.

Do you still information about these devices? 

Check out the latest top seller brands of earplugs, earmuffs and electronic hearing protection right here. Also, read buying guidelines to avoid buying errors and investing in poor quality products. All of these are available in one of the most reliable sources on the web.

The Best Foot Repair Creams

Our feet perform very tough jobs that you cannot imagine. They support our body entirely. The fact that they play a very vital role in our body makes them deserve a royal treatment. Many a times our feet take a beating just every day of our life. There are plenty of factors that course our skin to age. These factors include but not limited to, environmental factors, medical concerns such as diabetes, food and beverage intake, adding among others. In order to give your feet the royal treatment it deserves, you have to acquire the right information on the best foot repair creams that is only a click away.  Great foot cream for cracked heels will provide you with legitimate information as far as foot repair and the best creams for the repair are concerned. What are you waiting for and your journey to researching for best foot repair as just come to an end? For an excellent result, opt for a top quality foot cream.



1.     Miracle Foot Repair Cream

Many people love this cream because it works well and works quickly, great for dry and cracked skin and it also has non-greasy formula. This amazing product also brings it a healing power due to the aloe which helps reduce the pain and itching associated with dry, peeling skins.

This product lucks strong scent that is associated with mixture of ingredients that are used to make the creams but still stands out to play its role effectively by removing the odor and itching.

2.     Burt’s Bees Foot Cream

This product has a delicious smell and plays its role effectively. It returns feet to their natural softness.

This cream work like a charm to rejuvenate very dry feet that aren’t much cracked. It is mainly an ornament thus making it to be used by only a few individuals.

The price is pocket friendly and gives result after only a few night of application. Expect super soft feet after a few nights of using the cream.

3.    O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream

For a rapid result and great result on your cracked feet, O’Keeffe’s Healthy foot cream is the only solution.

This cream stands out among the crowd, it totally works. It might not work for everybody but research conducted shows that it actually works for many people. The healing time differs from client to the other.

O’Keeffe’s holds up to well under extremely hot and arid environment and the winter. The cream also plays a very vital role when it comes to dealing with diabetics.

The cream can be used preventatively. It doesn’t have strong fragrant associated with a mixture of ingredients thus making it to be applicable at any time. For the BEST deal on this amazing product visit great foot cream for cracked heels and see what I am talking about. It is the most informative site right?

Preventing Shin Splints Effectively

If you are an athlete, you might have already heard of the term shin splint. This is a type of painful condition that affects the leg muscles, tendons, and bone, particularly the shinbone or tibia. This is common amongst exercise enthusiasts, dancers, military people, and, runners. This means that the commonly affected individuals are those who use their feet intensely and regularly.

More often than not, shin splints happen because of muscle injury or fatigue. That means that the pain will not go away as long as the muscles are not well. Most of us know that muscle tissue recovery takes a lot of time, and that is something that most of you cannot wait for because you need to proceed with work or training.

With that said, here are some simple tips that can help you prevent the occurrence of shin splints.

Ways to Prevent Shin Splints

Preventing shin splints is not as challenging as some of you might think. In fact, it can be prevented by carefully selecting your gear.

  • Strengthening the Right Muscles

The human body is a complicated system that works together in order to achieve balance. Hence, the muscles on our legs will provide support to the other muscles if they are weak. Likewise, the other muscles in our body will provide support to the leg muscles if needed.

With that said, if our core and glute muscles are weak, all the pressure will be on the leg muscles since it needs to support the weight of the lower body, leading to swelling and pain, especially when you run or stand for a long time. The solution? Strengthen those muscles through proper exercise and gym.

  • Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

This consideration might apply to anyone since some of you have standard apparel at work. In general, you must always choose a pair of shoes that is comfortable on your feet. It should have the right fit as well as the right amount of cushioning. If you run or jog, your running shoes should provide the proper balance, as well as have outer soles that are not too thin.

  • Wear Compression Sleeves

Some of you might already be familiar with compression socks but there are actually great compression shin splint sleeves for runners, joggers, and for the general public. These shin sleeves will provide further support to your muscles especially if you are doing strenuous activities.

As similar to compression socks, they will give your legs the right amount of squeeze or pressure so that there will be better blood flow in the area. As such, the muscles will be provided with the right or increased amount of oxygen. In this way, your muscles tissues will recover quickly. Likewise, the stress on the muscles will be lessened.

Final Words

Just like any painful bodily conditions, shin splints will limit your productivity as well as your movement. Although it can recover through hot-and-cold therapy, ice cold bath, rest, and exercises, it is always better to prevent its occurrence and enjoy a normal and pain-free life.

Cleaning Mechanical Aquarium Filters

A fish tank is a good addition to a home, office, restaurant, or any other establishments since it depicts the ocean. It gives some people a relaxing feeling and sometimes provides them with distractions when they are bored.

Of course, a fish tank or aquarium will not be complete without the fishes swimming, the pebbles, the plants (artificial or natural), and other decorations that enhance the ocean-like look of the tank. Since fishes are living things, they should be provided with an environment that will keep them healthy. Thus, filters have been invented.

Fish tank filters, just like the ones you used in your science class, are items that help trap dirt like fish poop and excess food items. They ensure that the water is clean and clear. Mechanical filters are the most common and affordable type. However, it is the one that requires frequent cleaning since it traps not just small debris but also the large ones.

Definitely, a mechanical filter that is not clean would not function well or would not even perform its function. The good thing is that when the water starts to get dirty because of a used mechanical filter, you do not really need to replace it. All you have to do is clean it properly, and we have made it easier for you by providing you with a simple cleaning procedure. So, for more information, continue reading.

Recommended Way of Cleaning Mechanical Filters

According to experts, mechanical filters should be cleaned at least once every month. Also, it is better that you have a regular schedule or a specified day on when to do it, and we recommend a weekend so that you won’t be juggling your time.

When it comes to cleaning mechanical filters, your main concern would be the sponge or pad that is inside it. You should also focus on the tubing since this is where everything passes through. This is the part that usually traps the dirt.

Things you’ll need:

1. Small or medium basin

2. Filter cleaning brush

3. Ordinary soft brush

4. Scoop or any item that you can use to get water from the tank

The Steps:

1. For your safety, the very first thing that you need to do is unplug the filter. Don’t worry since a short time without a filter will not harm the fishes in the tank.

2. Fishes are quite sensitive and any immediate changes in the environment can stress them out. So, it is advisable that you use the water from the tank, as long as it is not too dirty, to clean the filter. Hence, you must scoop out the right amount of water that you need. Place it in the basin.

3. Remove the sponge or pad carefully and wash it in the basin of water. What you just need to do is soak it in the water and squeeze it. Do this several times.

4. Next, using the same water, if not yet too dirty (if it is, replace it), get the soft-bristle brush and clean the filter case. Then using the filter brush, clean the tubing.

5. Install the sponge back and the filter, then, plug it in.

Final Words

Cleaning an aquarium filter is not as hard as it seems as long as you do it regularly. However, if it is too dirty, then you should consider replacing it

Why Do You Need A Towel Warmer?

After having a long and nice shower after a tiring day, you would never want to put your hands on a cold towel to wipe yourself off and get pissed off because the cold towel just did steal all the pleasure of the awesome shower. Also if you have a kid, it is become highly required to keep its clothes warm in the winter days and in some other days too. Without a towel warmer how could you ensure the supply of warm towels to meet the necessity in case of the child and have the luxury of a warm towel when your comfort after the shower is concerned?

You can go for a rail type towel warmer or the cabinet type towel warmer as per your need and space availability etc. Both types come with their unique features and hence serve the same purpose in a different way. You can look around to see many options available for such products and select the best hot towel warmer cabinets by prepping up yourself with some awesome product reviews available online. Also, you can go through some unbiased user reviews as well to know the reality behind the towel warmer you are going to select.

If you already know it’s time to add a towel warmer to your bathroom then its fine, in case you are pondering over it then here goes something that will help you in taking a decision. By installing the towel warmer in the bathroom you have just ensured that your excellent shower experience can never be destroyed by those cold towels. Similarly, you will be able to dry off your outer wears and other clothes instantly using this. The thick jackets that would have taken long hours to dry off will be served ready in a few hours only.

If you have ever had the experience of sliding yourself into the warm blanket, freshly out from the warmer cabinet then only you can feel how comfortable this is. The towel warmer not only serves the towel but also can make the blanket warm to add to your luxury in sleep. When it comes to health and hygiene you will never allow a lapse to happen after all it is the matter of the safety of your family. When clothes come out of the warmer cabinet a lot of bacteria are killed before they had any chances to affect your health or start breeding. So the towel warmer becomes another ally in your mission to ensure good health inside the house.

The best quality cabinet type towel warmers once mounted on the wall also enhance the look of the bathroom and that of the house in total. This also adds value to the property and gets you the feel of freshness as well. As you can see there are a lot of significant benefits of using the towel warmer that can never be achieved in its absence. So go through some good reviews and select the best one for your house today.

What You Probably Need From a Work Desk

Office desks are as ubiquitous as a stack of folders or computers when it comes to doing office work. Nevertheless, it’s a hard choice to make when buying a desk rests on the person who’ll be using it. To be honest, though, even people who already have desks at the ready because it’s provided by the company are somewhat wishing that they could have had a say on what table they’d end up using. Though there are some offices that let their employees choose their tables, which is kind of a good thing but somewhat a rarity considering purchasing items in bulk and the uniformity of desk fits the office atmosphere and dynamics better.

The good news is that it nobody can dictate what anyone wants to get as their desk for use at home. It’s one of the perks of freelancers but is still something that people working in corporate settings can enjoy when they get home. Although it still depends on whether working overtime in their quasi-office in the den is something they’d consider enjoyable.

But before rushing off to a furniture store to buy one, there are several important things to take note of. The price, of course, is one of them. But then again, nobody needs telling twice about the importance of an item’s price. But at this point, practically everyone is aware that going for the average price is the safest route. Extremely cheap ones are indicative of bad quality while expensive ones are simply costly because of their added premium from aggressive advertising.

Leg clearance is probably not talked about that much. Or is probably something that just doesn’t get a lot of attention from someone who’s buying a desk for their home-based work or part-time office. But after a few hours into it, an office desk that has restricted leg space will be noticeable. Avoid making this something decided by luck and consider desks that have ample space for the legs to move around and relax.

Surface area is also another important consideration. Though it should be obvious enough, a lot of times, this can be forgotten simply because the desk they’re looking at is beautiful. Laminated surface area and three drawers with locks? What’s not to like? The desk’s limited surface area, probably. Of course, it will require a bit of visualization and estimation.

But while choosing a desk from the store, it helps considerably to think how a regular workflow will fare when using the desk. Will it need plenty of space for documents that need to be sitting on the table for quick access? Is it going to house more than one monitor? Simple things like these are extremely important for productivity. Desks like are great options for those who are looking for optimal space utilization. An L-shaped desk makes good use of corners. But what really makes these desks shine is that they are composed of three pieces, which provides a lot of room for custom placement in the home-office space.

Having a Low Platelet Count

The idea of the platelet count has never been in the minds of many people until the recent increased in the number of diseases that have caused low platelet counts. The curiosity of individuals about such came into being as there were death cases related to a low platelet count or thrombocytopenia.

In a complete blood count (CBC) report, you would see that the normal range for a platelet count is between 150,000 and 450,000/uL. Going way below that value can lead to bleeding tendencies. Since not everyone is aware why this happens, let us take a look at at the many different causes for a low platelet count.


As similar to any other conditions affecting our health as humans, thrombocytopenia can also be caused by a certain physiological process in our body. That is the production of antibodies against the platelet itself. It means that the body recognizes the platelet as “foreign” bodies like a harmful microorganism for that matter. Hence, it will destroy it. Most of the time, these antibodies are produced by the immune system after being exposed to bacterial or viral infection. That is because the immune system became hyperactive.


When a woman is pregnant, there are a lot of changes that are going on inside the body as well as a lot of conditions that might occur. One is the so-called gestational thrombocytopenia. Although there is no clear explanation for this, there is at least five percent of pregnant women who have experienced this.


Drinking too much alcohol can cause “lifestyle” thrombocytopenia simply because the compound can halt certain normal bodily processes. One is the production of blood in the bone marrow. This is because of the fact that there is a low level of folate caused by consumption by alcohol or nonproduction. This is also because the spleen, an organ which also plays a great role in blood production, becomes enlarged. As such, it can no longer function properly. The scientific explanation for this is that the platelets are retained instead of released when the spleen is too large.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are still other causes of thrombocytopenia like diseases and genetics that can lead to serious bleeding disorders. On another note, we will give you some of the things that you need to refrain from doing when you have thrombocytopenia.

Things to Remember When You Have Low Platelet Count

Your doctor will always be the best person to tell you which ones and which are not what to do when you have low platelet count. Nonetheless, will give some of the most basic and common recommendations from doctors. One is that you must refrain from doing activities that will expose you to bruising and injuries. That will include contact sports and extreme outdoor activities. Second, you must make sure that you avoid taking medications that can lower your platelet count. Those are usually the ones that contain anticoagulants; an example of which is aspirin. Of course, you must also limit your alcohol intake.

Best Dual-Blade Bathroom Window Fans

As people already know, the bathroom is an area wherein taking a shower or bath, brushing one’s teeth, and at times, defecating and urinating are being done. It is one of the areas of a home or office wherein there is a huge amount of water and odor is trapped or located. Most of the time, water vapors and dews are present in bathrooms which often enhance the growth of molds. Thus, many people often find black dots and white fluffs on their bathroom walls or under the sinks. Such are very dangerous to the health of occupants once exposed frequently.


With that in regard, there should be a proper exchange of indoor and outdoor air inside the bathroom. Through such, the water splashes or moist present in the bathroom can be dried out with the help of the air. Likewise, proper exchange of air can also help eliminate the odor trapped inside the bathroom.


Taking such things into consideration, it is then advisable that individuals should place a bathroom window exhaust fan. However, with the high number of brands available in the market, it may be difficult to find the right window fan. Thus, this article will cover some of the best dual-blade bathroom window fans.


Holmes Dual-Blade Twin Window Fan


This dual-blade window fan has a dimension of 25.9 x 13.5 x 5.7 inches and only weighs around 7.9 pounds or 3.6 kilograms. Thus, installing it in the window will not be as tedious as other window fans. It is designed to fit double-hung and slider windows of all types. That is due to the fact that it has an extender that enables the user to tailor the size to match the bathroom window size. The blades, on the other hand, have a diameter size of 8.5 inches. It is known for having reversible, waterproof motors that are operated electronically. Through such, it is able to perform air intake, air exchange, and exhaust functions. The speed of the fan blades can also easily be controlled with the help of its one-touch, digital control button. Such part is also used to control the temperature of the fan. In addition, according to the manufacturers, the product has been designed in an energy-efficient manner. As per figure, it is claimed that it can reduce energy use by 60%. What is better is that the company gives a three-year limited warranty offer.


Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan


According to , this product is also one of the best dual-blade bathroom window fans that is being sold in the market. This product also has waterproof motors and electronically reversible 8.5-inch blades. As similar to the first product, it can also fit all types of double-hung and slider windows. However, this product has three different settings for fan speed. Likewise, the temperature can be programmed so that it runs automatically. In addition, this product has its own easy-to-operate remote control; has a LED control panel; and a five-year warranty for defects only.




Both mentioned products deliver quality performance when it comes to drawing fresh air inside the bathroom and exhausting out air from the bathroom. The one from Bionaire is recommended for individuals who want more comfort while the one from Holmes is suited for those who want to save energy.