Using Facial Mist for a Glowing and Hydrated Skin

If you love keeping up to the latest trends in beauty products, then you’ve definitely heard of facial mists.

Those are liquids that you can mist over your skin through either an atomizer or a spray bottle.

While it is true that you can use your facial mist whenever you want to, depending on your personal preference, you can definitely benefit from a certain schedule.

In this article, you can learn about the best time to spritz that wonder mist on your skin.

When should you use a facial mist?

The purpose of a facial mist is to instantly re-hydrate your skin. But you have to take note that its function is not only limited to adding extra moisture.

If you use it during specific times, then you can surely reap more benefits. Here are some of those certain moments where you should get a spritz of your favorite bottle of mist:

  1. When waking up in the morning

Have you ever experienced days where your bed is like one giant magnet that prevents you from getting up?

That can be especially true if it’s a cold and rainy day. Who wouldn’t want to stay comfy under the covers while cuddling several pillows?

Did you know that grabbing a bottle of facial mist would certainly be a good idea during these lazy days?

The refreshing feel and scent would wake you up instantly and give you a boost for your busy day. Aside from that, you can achieve soft and glowing skin.

With that said, we advise that you leave your spray bottle on your bedside table so it’d be easier for you to grab it when you wake up.

  1. After applying toner

We understand that not everyone is using a toner. However, if you are, then a facial mist can be a great addition to your routine.

Toners help you cleanse and prepare your skin for your moisturizer – and even for your face mist which is a hydrating product.

  1. Before applying moisturizer

Maybe you’re wondering why you should spritz some of your facial sprays before you add moisturizer to your skin.

Well, doing so can boost the moisturizer’s effects!

When you hydrate your skin prior to the application, your skin will have better absorption of whatever skin regimen that you put afterward.

Since skin moisturizers are meant to be used in the morning and at night, you can definitely use your mist twice as well.

  1. Before and after your makeup

Facial sprays can help you achieve a more flawless application of your makeup. It can do that by making your skin hydrated and smooth. As a result, it becomes the perfect canvas for your foundation.

Moreover, the mist helps your foundation blend better. Applying it after you finish doing your makeup can even seal your look for hours.

Do you want to enjoy using products like this? It is best to do your research so you’d get the ideal brand for your skin type and needs.