Tactical Flashlights: A Safety Tool for Everyone

What makes tactical flashlights a critical safety tool? Learn the functions of this lighting device and its benefits.

Tactical flashlights share the same function as any other lighting device. The basic function of standard flashlights is to give illumination and only suitable for minor tasks. It allows a person to see in the dark. However, a tactical flashlight can do more than just being a light source. A tactical flashlight is a critical safety tool.

Who Uses Tactical Flashlight? 

The sectors that utilize tactical flashlights are law enforcement, security, search and rescue, and other similar fields. Factories also use this type of lighting device rather than the standard flashlight. Safety managers only allow their employees to use tactical flashlights when dealing with areas in the factory with limited lighting, especially when dealing with machines and hazardous substances.

Other than the factories, farmers, sailors, fishermen, and hunters who often work until deep in the night rely on tactical flashlights for sufficient illumination. This device allows them to work effectively despite the absence of light. Additionally, most household who lives near hunting areas and forests owns a tactical flashlight.

Generally, a tactical flashlight helps maintain a safe working environment.

What Makes Tactical Flashlights a Safety Tool? 

Tactical flashlights are unlike the conventional flashlight commonly found at home. Here are the unique features of this lighting device that make it a critical safety device.

#1 Lumens

Lumens are the light output measurement of a light source. This type of flashlight has relatively high lumens rating compared to a standard flashlight. The lowest lumens rating of a tactical flashlight is around 50 to 100 lumens, which is high enough for a standard household flashlight. A 100 lumens tactical flashlight has sufficient brightness to allow a person to do basic household activities and search things up to 120m of distance.

The highest lumens rating of a tactical flashlight can reach up to more than 1000 lumens. There are some brands of this lighting device that has 3000 lumens. You can take a look here at Torchspot for examples of tactical flashlights with more than 1000 lumens.

Lumens more than a thousand are the best choice for outdoor lighting. It is helpful for tasks such as search and rescue, hunting, and recreational activities at night. Hence, it produces enough illumination to allow a person to notice hazards in a large area.

#2 Self-Defense

The intense light of a tactical flashlight can be used as self-defense. When pointing the light towards the attacker’s face, it momentarily blinds the person giving you enough time to run away.

Also, tactical flashlights have a durable exterior. You can use it to defend yourself from an attacker.

#3 Helps in Emergency Situations

Most tactical flashlights today have built-in strobe light features. It immediately attracts the attention of a person nearby, which is incredibly helpful during emergencies. Moreover, the intense brightness of this lighting device enables you to help a person in need.

Is it an Effective Safety Tool?

Tactical flashlights are no doubt an efficient safety tool. You need to have one at home for emergencies. If you don’t want to spend money on buying a standard flashlight and tactical ones, consider purchasing an adjustable tactical flashlight. It has features that allow you to control the intensity of its light and beam throw.