Smart Tips on How to Prevent the Plastic Chair from Oxidizing

Plastic chairs are durable; however, over time, these pieces of furniture becomes dull and unusable, especially the outdoor plastic chairs.

Outdoor plastic chairs are prone to oxidation, which leads to plastic degradation. In a scientific view, plastics contain chemicals that are reactive to oxygen that is found in the air and even water.  If you leave your plastic chairs outside without covers for a long time, the chair will start to build stain, mold, and chalky structure, which are all caused by oxidation. Plus, if the plastic furniture is frequently exposed to the sunlight at high temperature, moisture, bird droppings, and air pollution, the process of oxidation quickens, which also accelerates and reduces the furniture’s lifespan.

If you do not want to waste your money for another new set of outdoor plastic furniture, replacing the ones you currently have, months or a year after you have purchased it, you should know some simple hack on how to maintain the chair’s aesthetics for more than two or three years.

Perhaps, you could use these smart ways on how to prevent the plastic chair from oxidizing:

#1: Keep your plastic chairs clean

Keeping your outdoor plastic chairs clean from moisture, dirt, dust, and bird droppings are not that hard. All you need to do is take out a cleaning cloth to wipe out obvious dirt, moisture, and dust; you may not be able to do this every day, at least clean your chair once or twice a week.

However, your task does not stop there. Make sure to eliminate mold and stain build-up with water and vinegar solution – mold and stains are a few signs of plastic degradation. You may do this at least once a month or as needed. Also, if you find your plastic chair looks dull and chalky – common signs of plastic oxidation – you have to act up fast before the problem worsens. You may see the step by step guide on how to remove oxidation from plastic chairs.

#2: Repaint

Repainting your plastic chair at least once per six months or once per year is the simplest way to keep the chairs from oxidation. You can either do the traditional painting method with brush and paint or use spray paint.

However, do not overdo the repainting or it could cause additional problems.

#3: Cover the outdoor plastic furniture

Covering your outdoor plastic furniture with outdoor furniture cover cloth does not only it can keep the plastic chair from oxidizing, but it can add to your outdoor furniture aesthetics. Having a match up prints on the table and the chair, your lawn will always be a good place to relax, especially during your scheduled barbeque day with family or friends.

Additional Tips

You may also look for a spot where your outdoor plastic table and chair is out of direct sunlight; again, frequent exposure to extreme sunlight can speed up degradation on your plastic table and chairs. Also, invest for a sturdy outdoor big umbrella that can protect your plastic table and chairs from rain, sunlight, and bird droppings.