Is Cherry Angioma a Serious Concern?

Cherry angioma is one of the most common skin issues adults have. Is it serious enough to spark worry? Find out more about cherry angioma, its causes, and its treatment here. 

What do you know about cherry angioma?

Cherry angioma is those bright red and sometimes purple spots on the skin. It is extremely rare in children but often seen among adults. These red and purple spots appear on the neck, shoulders, chest, torso, arms, legs, and sometimes even on the scalp.

Cherry angioma is a type of angioma. Angiomas are mild tumors that are a result of the overgrowth of capillaries. Though classified as benign tumors, cherry angiomas are completely harmless. This skin condition is non-cancerous.

 More on Cherry Angioma

This skin growth consists of dilated capillaries. The spots are commonly round or oval. Its size may range from a tiny dot to several millimeters in diameter. The dots usually grow over time. It is often smooth and flat but could later develop into larger spots, and the skin rises into small bumps.

There are occasions when cherry angioma bleeds. The bleeding is triggered by wearing rough clothing, using cosmetics with harsh chemicals, and other external factors. Don’t worry if the angioma starts to bleed; it is a normal reaction to these factors.

As stated before, cherry angioma is rare among children. A huge percentage of the global adult population has this condition. It is quite common; thus, it shouldn’t raise concern if you have some.

 Potential Causes of Cherry Angioma

Medical practitioners and experts have said that there’s no exact reason behind this condition. Its causes are largely unknown. However, it shows from the several cases that it develops due to the intermingling of several factors.

Aging is one of the primary factors that contribute to the development of cherry angioma. Genetics likewise partakes a major role in this condition. Studies show that people with this condition have a family history of cherry angioma.

Though not clinically proven, its development may also be a cause of exposure to harsh chemicals obtained from cosmetics.

How to Get Rid of Cherry Angioma

Cherry angioma is not a serious health concern. However, having a smattering of red dots on the skin is unflattering, especially to working individuals.

Maybe you’re asking, “can I remove a cherry angioma?” The answer is yes. Those who want to remove cherry angioma may resort to these treatments.

 #1 Excision

Larger cherry angiomas can be treated with excision. It is removed by using a sharp razor and involves the use of anesthesia.

#2 Lasers

Laser treatment is less painful than excision. The procedure involves the use of a concentrated laser beam to shrink the angioma.

#3 Electrodesiccation

This process utilizes an electric needle to destroy the dilated blood vessels.

#4 Natural Home Remedies

The above procedures are quite effective; however, you may have to spend a bit of cash for a procedure. If you are looking for a painless and more affordable way of treating cherry angioma, choose home remedies such as iodine, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil.

There are several ways to treat this condition without spending a lot of cash. You can learn more about it from reliable online sources.