Healthy Sports: Reasons Why Heart Rate Monitoring is Essential

Some sports require physical strength and endurance; during each training and exercise, heart monitoring is essential.

Why monitor the heart rate?

If you are into sports that require physical strength and endurance both in training and the actual sports, you should consider wearing a heart rate monitor; and the following are the top reasons why heart monitoring is essential in sports too:

Reason #1: It helps you measure the intensity of the training

Technically, all heart rate monitor is designed to keep you reminded about your current heart rate while you do your physical training. The data you receive will help you stay on the right heart rate range while you are exercising. Also, being on the “safe heart rate zone” during workout or training will keep you from getting injuries, and at the same time, help you maximize the result.

What is the safe heart rate zone?

It is recommended that during exercise your heart rate must be between 55 to 85 percent of your maximum heart rate for at least 20 – 30 minutes. To get the maximum heart rate (MHR) you should roughly calculate 220 beats per minute minus your age; that is the upper limit what your cardiovascular system can endure during the workout. Then, do not forget to get the percentage from the result of your MHR to find out the safe heart rate zone or the target rate level and the recommended target rate range; for instance:

220 beats per minute – 25 (years old) = 195 MHR

195 MHR x 55 percent = 107.5 beats per minute (target heart rate level); 107 – 165 beats per minute (recommended target range).

By getting the safe heart rate zone, you can increase it every training session without hurting your cardiovascular system.

To get accurate data, you should also consider investing a reliable heart rate monitoring device. However, there are a few quality-made heart rate monitors that are available today, so make sure to read reliable product reviews on a couple of brands of heart rate monitors out there and try to see which one suits you.

Reason #2: It helps you track your progress

The heart rate monitor lets you track the intensity of the training, be on the right heart rate range during a workout, and the recovery time. Every data that you receive from your heart monitor lets you track your improvement according to your current target fitness level.

Was your training program too much for your cardiovascular health or was it on the right range and recovery, promoting progress? Also, is your heart ready to take another step to a new heart rate zone? Through heart rate monitor you can maximize your physical training program while you are keeping your body, especially your cardiovascular system, safe, healthy and free from workout injuries.

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Heart rate monitoring system is indeed an essential device that every sports enthusiast and professionals should have. However, to get the right heart rate data, make sure to purchase a reliable and accurate heart rate monitor device or system.

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