Increasing your physical strength and endurance can be done in a number of different ways. With improved strength and endurance, you will be able to improve your performance in numerous sporting activities as well as with carrying heavier things for an extended period of time. The training needed for strength and endurance can vary somewhat, but it is possible to combine both to get the best possible results.

Your physical strength will determine how much weight you can lift and how much work you can accomplish. Endurance on the other hand will determine how long you can lift a weight as well as how long you can perform a physical task.

  • Number of Repetitions Matter

Weight training is very valuable for bodybuilders. You will need to focus more on lifting the maximum possible weight when building muscles. However, if what you’re after is to build your endurance, what you need is to focus more on lifting the weights as many times as you can. Your body will get used to lifting the weights through repetitions. Instead of increasing the weight immediately, try to do repetitions first when lifting. Keeping a record of how many repetitions and which weight you have lifted each time is a good idea. Also, try to increase the reps each time you work out.

  • Step Up Using a Bench

The bench step up is a very beneficial exercise that you can use to increase physical strength and endurance. This kind of work out will focus on your hamstrings and gluteals and is also very useful for all sorts of sporting activities which includes running.

This exercise is very simple and easy to do. All you have to do is to stand in front of a bench which is about the height of your knees. Then simply step up and step off onto the bench. It is important to make sure that you are controlled when doing this exercise to avoid injuring yourself. Repeat the action once you have resumed your starting position. The ideal reps for the bench step up are at least 20, and then try to increase the number each time. Hold dumbbells in your hands while moving them at the same time you step on the bench if you want to increase the difficulty level of your work out.

Leg Squats

This exercise is beneficial in building both endurance and physical strength. Leg squats concentrates on gluteals, hamstrings and quadriceps. What you need to do is to stand with your feet slightly apart and then place one leg slightly in front of your other leg on a step. Slowly lean forward until your knee is nearly level, and then return to your original position. Do this at least 10 times and then repeat 10 times on the other leg.


Hopping is a good way to increase endurance and to work on certain muscles as well. This will also provide coordination for your hip, ankle and calf muscles. This exercise is ideal for people who are training to run. The reason for this is because the activities between muscles are very much alike when you’re running. For 20 seconds, hop as much as you can, and then switch feet and repeat on your other leg. You can adjust a bit by bouncing while alternating your feet.

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