Fast Summary on Alex Allman’s Revolutionary Sex

Are there mechanics to make a woman satisfy in bed?

Alex Allman thinks so.

It is a fact that not all men are confident when it comes to their sexual performance due to various factors; this includes psychological issues, pointing mainly on men’s fear of their partner’s sexual dissatisfaction and previous sexual trauma, which leads to disappointing sexual activity.

Alex Allman – a popular sex and relationship coach – had written a book called “Revolutionary Sex”. The author aims to boost men’s self-esteem or self-confidence during sex through his “revolutionary” mechanics.

If you are planning to purchase Alex Allman’s book of Revolutionary Sex, but you need in-depth details about the book, you can look at this short article on Revolutionary Sex review. Meanwhile, here’s a fast summary to start with.

What is Revolutionary Sex?

Revolutionary Sex is a book with useful tips and guides on how to please your partner in bed. The author emphasizes not only the tricks to make your partner scream for more or have a very satisfactory climax, but also uncovering the psychology behind good sex.

The book is divided into three sections:

  • The first section talks about positions, techniques, and all forms of methods that conclude to a very satisfactory climax, as well as, how to last for long.
  • The second section is about understanding women’s sexuality. Alex Allman emphasizes women’s different sexual responses and excitement, especially when G-spot and A-spot are stimulated the way women want it.
  • The third section is about providing in-depth details about the reasons why there are women who are having difficulties reaching orgasm. Also, you’ll be provided additional details about how to make a woman scream for more until she cannot take it anymore.

To emphasize the things to learn in Revolutionary Sex here’s quick sneak peek:

  • You’ll learn about breathing techniques and tricks on how to relax to control early ejaculation.
  • You’ll get ideas on how to be on top of the performance while you are trying to deal with your partner’s impatience and frustrations.
  • You’ll learn how to make love-making longer and control early ejaculation.
  • Learn how to delay orgasm, even you can feel it is almost coming.
  • Learn how to increase the size of your penis to satisfy your partner.
  • Learn how to make your partner come naturally.
  • Learn about the multiple orgasms and the stacking orgasm.
  • Learn about different positions and their advantages and disadvantages.

Is it worth it?

Here are its Pros and Cons to find out if Revolutionary is worth-it:


  • Useful information about the right approach on how to make a woman very satisfied with your sexual performance.
  • Learning how to overcome fear and low self-esteem during sex.
  • It is a good book for a reasonable price.
  • You’ll get additional video coaching and advice.


  • Lack of actual graphical images.
  • You’ll get useful information about sex and how to improve sex but the mechanics aren’t “revolutionary” as it is advertised.

The book is very useful but not all information is revolutionary. In other words, you’ll find some tips and advice too common. Overall, the book is worth your money, however, do not expect too much.