Developing a Skin Care Habit

What’s in a skincare routine? A skincare routine is said to be the start of a healthy habit. So, to start with this will make a huge difference in a person’s life.

Creating a routine for your skin care is essential to be included in your daily activities. Just as you never forget to have a daily exercise or to miss a meal, it is also important to know how to have healthy skin. There are basic steps you can do to help the maintenance of your healthy skin:

#1 Know your skin type

This is your initial step towards developing a skincare routine or treatment. Identifying your skin type will let you discover the exact care or maybe treatment if needed for your skin. Does your skin feel rough? You simply have dry skin. What about blubbery skin? Your skin type is oily. If you are experiencing sudden itchiness after a simple application of lotion, most probably, you are having a delicate type of skin. Don’t allow skin problems to worsen by not making yourself aware of your skin type.

#2 Apply the matching routine or treatment to your skin type

Upon knowing your skin type, you are now ready to give your skin a routine or treatment that is needed for such skin type.

Hydrate your skin once you found out that your skin is dry. Look for the best moisturizer that you should use to soothe your flaky skin. There are instances that treating dry skin is like treating a dry body. So by simply drinking an adequate amount of water can easily bring back your skin hydration.

If you happen to found out that you are bearing an oily type of skin, there are also some best solutions you can find and do. The balance should be given importance when it comes to dealing with oily skin. Washing your face thrice or more in a day can worsen the case. Your skin will produce more oil in doing this. Why so? It’s because your skin needs to give more oil just to compensate for your skin that dried out due to frequent washing. On the contrary, washing your face seldom can be able to trap dirt due to the excess sebum in your pores and this is not helpful to your oily skin. Washing your face in the morning and another in the evening is just right for oily skin. Be very careful still however with the soap you will use. Gentle cleansers are just fine.

You can get rid of a delicate skin type in a natural way. Taking a shower for 10 minutes is of great help. Make sure to use warm water. Some skin products should be avoided like astringents and exfoliants. For some, they would prefer using fragrance-free soap more compared to fragrant ones. You can also use essential oils. If available, it is best to use organic cleansing materials for your sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Having healthy skin is not an overnight fulfillment. It’s a habit to be developed in your day-to-day life. The way you care or treat your skin says a lot about who you are and it shows in your skin type. Everything depends then on how you identify your skin type and apply the matching routine or treatment to what you have discovered about your skin.

You can also try dry skin brushing. This is a technique that uses a brushing method to eliminate toxins that are hard to eliminate which are commonly found in a person’s skin. To find out more about dry skin brushing, visit