Tips on How to Use Essential Oil on the Skin

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from various plants, and due to their potency, they could be irritating to the skin. So, how do you use an essential oil on the skin? Check this post to find out.

Several essential oils have an amazing therapeutic aroma, and simple smell any of them can make you feel relaxed and calm.

But can you use it on your skin?

Essential oils have a high concentration of plant extracts. Therefore, using pure oils may irritate your skin. On the contrary, there are ways to use essential oil on the skin without worrying about possible skin irritation.


Here are a few useful tips:

  1. Choose the right essential oil good for the skin

Even though there are essential oils that are a potentially good candidate for topical application, there are only a few that will work best specific to your skin. Generally, essential oils that are ideal for the skin are those products with less or non-fragrance. Here is a list of essential oils that can help your skin:

  • Lavender essential oil for dry skin
  • French Cypress essential oil to tighten the skin
  • Lemongrass essential oil as an astringent
  • Cinnamon essential oil great source of anti-inflammatory properties
  • Tea Tree essential oil good for treating breakouts


Try to read quality reviews on the best essential oils for the skin at Younger Skin Guide.

  1. Dilute the essential oils with a carrier substance

Essential oils are highly concentrated, which is why you must dilute the essential oils with carrier substances such as water, vegetable oil, or nut oil.


1 percent solution is the safest solution for overall body application, which is, for every 1 drop of essential oil, you need 1 tsp or 5 ccs of carrier substance. And if you need to use it on infants, 0.25 percent solution will suffice, while toddlers will do with 0.5 percent solution.

Additionally, do not forget to mix the solution well before application.

  1. Stop using if your skin is reacting

If you experience skin redness, irritation, or itchiness after applying the diluted essential oil to the skin, you should stop using it. In several cases, these reactions do not imply it works effectively; instead, a warning that your body is rejecting it.

  1. Do not overdo it

Again, essential oils are highly concentrated. This means, using the solution too often or if you won’t follow the recommended solution percentage may cause harm than do good.

So, how often can you use essential oil?

Depending on what type of essential oil you are using, you may use it once or twice a day.

  1. Talk to your local dermatologist

If it is about certainty, what essential oil you should use and how often you should apply it per day, try reaching out to your local dermatologist.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils are indeed therapeutic. However, you should know how to apply the concentrated extract to the skin and how often can you use it per day. This is to avoid possible skin problems.

The Impact of Affiliate Marketing in Small Businesses

How can affiliate marketing help your business grow? Know the difference affiliate marketing can make for your business in a competitive market.

Affiliate is, by far, one of the most popular digital marketing strategies alongside SEO. More and more businesses, both new and well-established brands, practice affiliate marketing today. It is all due to the cost-efficiency and well-contained risk the program offers. Affiliate marketing guarantees a higher return of investments, market visibility, and business growth compared to conventional marketing tactics.

While affiliate marketing promises impressive benefits, it is worth noting it might not satisfy your expectations and business needs. The same also applies to other marketing strategies. Not all marketing strategies perfectly match a business. It is smart to determine the benefits and risks of affiliate marketing; to assure that it is suitable for your business.

How Does it Work?

Affiliate marketing requires a partnership with an affiliate program. Unlike traditional marketing media, this marketing strategy involves hiring people and dealing with an associate affiliate program. For example, one of the most popular affiliate marketing programs today is Amazon Associates. You may know them when you visit Emily and Blair.

The affiliate program promotes the product on a commission basis. They use a unique link, which is created to track traffic to the affiliate program site. The affiliate earns through the number of links and successful sales made through the affiliate links.

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing? 

#1 Low-Budget

Affiliate marketing is one of the most affordable marketing strategies for growing businesses. Unlike conventional marketing strategies, affiliate marketing requires no high initial cost, such as airing commercials and creating poster advertisements.

Moreover, it has a low operational cost. Since it is a commission-based program, a business only has to pay the affiliates for their services.

#2 Easy to Monitor and Manage

The operation is run by the affiliates. The business owner only has to monitor the results. If the expected results are not met, it is the point where you may intervene in improving content to assure better traffic and sales.

#3 Boosts Traffic

Although you’re partnering with an affiliate program, the traffic comes to your business’ website. In affiliate marketing, each affiliate link resonates with your brand; thus, every click is credited to your website. And when there is high traffic, the website’s visibility and ranking on search engine result likewise improve.

#4 For All Businesses

Affiliate marketing is for all types of businesses, regardless of the size and market segment. It does not discriminate, especially to new and growing businesses. It is, in fact, a great way for small businesses to scale up the business without risking financial resources.

Are there Risks to Affiliate Marketing?

The biggest risk in an affiliate program is finding the right and reliable affiliate. Not all affiliate programs suit a specific business style. Thus, make sure to get to know the affiliate program first before dealing with them to guarantee success.

Likewise, affiliate marketing does not make a business successful in a blink of an eye. It is a gradual process of improving a business’ visibility. Moreover, there are instances wherein affiliate marketing won’t work at first. The success of this marketing strategy heavily relies on the quality of content on the website.

Psychedelics Trips as a Therapy: Things you Should Know About Psychedelic Therapy

Several psychedelic drugs are in Schedule I. Meaning, it is highly potential for abuse and does not have therapeutic values. However, there’s a Psychedelic Therapy that contradicts Schedule I. What is it? Is it safe?

While most of the psychedelic drugs are considered Schedule I drugs in several states or countries, some people use these drugs to experience “tripping” – a psychedelic experience with a temporarily altered state of consciousness for recreational purposes.

However, psychedelic trips aren’t just for recreation. The method is also used as a therapy – psychedelic therapy.

Psychedelic Therapy, also known as Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP), is a psychiatric method that involves using psychedelic substances, such as LSD and psilocybin found in magic mushrooms.

How does it work?

The use of psychedelic drugs as a part of psychotherapy is still considered an experiment, meaning the method is still in the study. Nevertheless, there are several success stories in psychedelic therapies.

Psychedelic Therapy has several types, including:

  • Drug-assisted therapy – is a method that uses psychotherapy and psychedelic drugs.
  • Using psychedelics alone – a method where practitioners give their patients the right dose of the psychedelic drug without other procedures or treatments.
  • Guided psychedelic therapy – the practitioners guide their patients during a psychedelic trip. It also involves therapeutic suggestions to keep the patient calm during the experience.

Who can undergo Psychedelic Therapy?

Practitioners do not easily recommend their patients Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy without proper evaluation of the patient is qualified enough to undergo the therapy. Generally, PAP is suggested to clients who are suffering from mental health problems, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Alcohol and drug addiction
  • Eating disorders

Undergoing Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy is suggested to provide:

  • Experiencing calmness and relaxation
  • Boost of sense of well-being
  • Boost in social connectedness
  • Experiencing spiritual connection
  • Introspection

How to undergo PAP?

In PAP, the exact dosing of psychedelic substances is a must. So, to undergo the therapy, you need to visit a practitioner for preparatory consultation for evaluation if the psychedelic therapy is good for you.

How is a psychedelic substance administered?

Under the supervision of a trained therapist or practitioner, a psychedelic substance can be taken orally administered through injection. Practitioners often use substance microdosing to ensure the safety and efficiency of the drug.

Are there risks to consider?

If psychedelic substances are used for medical purposes with the supervision of a licensed practitioner, there are fewer to no side effects. However, if a psychedelic trip is abused and used outside a clinical setting, there is a high possibility of experiencing the effects of a bad trip, including:

  • Experiencing the negative effects of distorted reality and altered sense of time
  • Distorted perpetual experiences
  • Intense emotions and perception
  • Serious hallucination, causing paranoia
  • Intense fear
  • Increase in blood pressure


If you know someone who you think needs Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, you need to have them visit a licensed therapist offering psychedelic therapy. Additionally, to avoid the risks of a bad trip, do not allow self-treatment using a psychedelic substance. Furthermore, research the treatment before considering it.

What is Ageless Body System? Is it Worth-It?

Aging is inevitable; so, how does the Ageless Body System program delay the physical signs of aging? Is it legit? Is it worth it? It is time to uncover the ageless body system.

By the time you reach your late 40s, you’ll experience several physical changes, telling you that aging is just right down the corner. But did you know that there is a way to delay the physical of aging, through a program called Ageless Body System?

What is the Ageless Body System?

Carol Cline’s Ageless Body System is an organic system that will help delay the signs of aging, including fine lines or wrinkles, dullness of the skin, uneven skin tone, dry skin, age spots or blotchiness, rough skin, visible pores, and more.

The program has two downloadable systems – Intro to the Ageless Body System and The Secret: Reversing.

Each program commits to providing tips on how to look young even in your 40s.

  • The Intro to the Ageless Body System talks about the different methods of delaying or slowing down the signs of aging.
  • The Secret: Reversing provides a detailed discussion on how to combat skin aging.

The Ageless Body System includes a product that will help improve skin and help delay the signs of skin aging. The highlighted product in this program contains “superfoods”. Superfoods are combinations of various products, rich in antioxidants and vitamins, helping boost collagen and elastin – two essential structural proteins that help accelerate tissue recovery and skin’s elasticity.

Is it worth it?

According to claims, you will find visible results within 1 – 8 weeks of using the Ageless Body System. These visible results include:

  • Reduced or eliminated wrinkles, blemishes, and fine lines.
  • Relieved dryness of the skin.
  • Improved skin hydration.
  • Rejuvenated and glowing skin.

So, is it worth it? If you do thorough research on the program you’ll find several honest and good feedbacks from several Ageless Body System users. So, it is safe to say that the program or system is worth your money, time, and effort.

However, you should know that the program is not overnight work. You’ll need to follow the instructions or tips provided. Also, you need to be patient when you use the program and the recommended “superfoods”.

Can anyone use the program?

Anyone in their prime age who does not want to undergo invasive methods to look younger can use the program. However, before using any products that will help delay the signs of aging, you should consider consulting a doctor or dermatologist if the products are safe for you to use, especially if you have sensitivity to products.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for safe, non-invasive, and affordable ways to look young, the Ageless Body System is highly recommendable. Within a few weeks, you’ll find visible results.

Final Thoughts

Aging is indeed inevitable. Sooner or later, everyone will see signs of aging. However, these signs can be delayed through proper diet, exercise, quality sleep, drinking enough water, taking the right supplement, and using the right program like Ageless Body System.

Is Cherry Angioma a Serious Concern?

Cherry angioma is one of the most common skin issues adults have. Is it serious enough to spark worry? Find out more about cherry angioma, its causes, and its treatment here. 

What do you know about cherry angioma?

Cherry angioma is those bright red and sometimes purple spots on the skin. It is extremely rare in children but often seen among adults. These red and purple spots appear on the neck, shoulders, chest, torso, arms, legs, and sometimes even on the scalp.

Cherry angioma is a type of angioma. Angiomas are mild tumors that are a result of the overgrowth of capillaries. Though classified as benign tumors, cherry angiomas are completely harmless. This skin condition is non-cancerous.

 More on Cherry Angioma

This skin growth consists of dilated capillaries. The spots are commonly round or oval. Its size may range from a tiny dot to several millimeters in diameter. The dots usually grow over time. It is often smooth and flat but could later develop into larger spots, and the skin rises into small bumps.

There are occasions when cherry angioma bleeds. The bleeding is triggered by wearing rough clothing, using cosmetics with harsh chemicals, and other external factors. Don’t worry if the angioma starts to bleed; it is a normal reaction to these factors.

As stated before, cherry angioma is rare among children. A huge percentage of the global adult population has this condition. It is quite common; thus, it shouldn’t raise concern if you have some.

 Potential Causes of Cherry Angioma

Medical practitioners and experts have said that there’s no exact reason behind this condition. Its causes are largely unknown. However, it shows from the several cases that it develops due to the intermingling of several factors.

Aging is one of the primary factors that contribute to the development of cherry angioma. Genetics likewise partakes a major role in this condition. Studies show that people with this condition have a family history of cherry angioma.

Though not clinically proven, its development may also be a cause of exposure to harsh chemicals obtained from cosmetics.

How to Get Rid of Cherry Angioma

Cherry angioma is not a serious health concern. However, having a smattering of red dots on the skin is unflattering, especially to working individuals.

Maybe you’re asking, “can I remove a cherry angioma?” The answer is yes. Those who want to remove cherry angioma may resort to these treatments.

 #1 Excision

Larger cherry angiomas can be treated with excision. It is removed by using a sharp razor and involves the use of anesthesia.

#2 Lasers

Laser treatment is less painful than excision. The procedure involves the use of a concentrated laser beam to shrink the angioma.

#3 Electrodesiccation

This process utilizes an electric needle to destroy the dilated blood vessels.

#4 Natural Home Remedies

The above procedures are quite effective; however, you may have to spend a bit of cash for a procedure. If you are looking for a painless and more affordable way of treating cherry angioma, choose home remedies such as iodine, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil.

There are several ways to treat this condition without spending a lot of cash. You can learn more about it from reliable online sources.

Legal Dropshipping: Top Mistakes to Avoid in Dropshipping

Is dropshipping legal? Yes, but you need to avoid the top dropshipping mistakes.

What is dropshipping?

Several new business venturers are skeptical about dropshipping; asking if the business method is legal or not.

Dropshipping is a type of online retailing business, where the seller does not need to start an actual store, nor handle inventory, packaging, and shipping of products. In dropshipping, you need to sign up on an eligible e-market site, decide on what products to sell, and look for reliable third-party suppliers that handle dropshipping.

Is dropshipping legal?

Dropshipping is legal. However, you need to avoid the following dropshipping mistakes that make the business method weak.

Check the website of Ramesh Dontha and get more detailed information about dropshipping practices and the legal liability issues. For now, here are the top dropshipping mistakes that you need to avoid:

#1: Expecting too much

In dropshipping, there is a low barrier to entry. Plus, there is less work since you do not need to handle inventory, packaging, and shipping of products; however, there is a catch. While it is easy to start a dropshipping business, it takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to get recognized in a competitive industry.

Expecting too much on getting profit fast and easy is too good to be true. In dropshipping, you need time and effort to promote your business. In dropshipping, it will take a couple of months for beginners to get recognized; however, the outcome will depend on your business advertising strategies.

#2: Creating lists and selling products with trademarks

One thing that makes dropshipping illegal is creating listings and selling products with trademarks and without the permission of the manufacturing company. By doing so, you are personally held liable for such illegal action. Plus, this will lead to the closure of your online store.

In dropshipping, you need to sell white-labeled products. These products are labeled plain products, where the manufacturer accepts rebranding of their products.

If you want to label the products as your own, you may directly buy the items from the manufacturer and tailor them as your own. However, the method will no longer be tagged as dropshipping.

#3: Selling almost everything

One of the common mistakes of beginners in dropshipping is selling widely assorted products that are believed huge in the market and high-sell them on their e-market page.

As a beginner, selling almost everything on your e-market page is a dead-end. You won’t be able to use the right approach to gain customer loyalty and positive customer turn-out. In dropshipping, you need to pick the right niche or product to sell (2-3 products for beginners will do) and the right approach to gain customer loyalty.

#4: Copying policies from other dropshipping sites

Another mistake that is illegal in dropshipping is copying policies from other dropshipping sites.

As a beginner, it is tempting. However, copying policies from other sites to your own will lead to the breaching of laws, including plagiarism. Understandably, almost all of the policies you find from other dropshipping sites are almost similar, but copying the entire policies will put your business at risk. So, make sure to research how to write policies that are unique to your dropshipping business.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Wireless Dog Fence

Is installing a wireless dog fence necessary? Check the pros and cons here.

There are a lot of reasons why dogs are loyal, but there are also a lot of reasons why some dogs would run away and can’t find their way back home. To avoid the latter from happening, putting a tracking device on your dogs is a good way to keep them from getting lost. However, to tighten the security, installing a wireless dog fence can be considered as a smart option too.

Is it necessary?

If you are unsure whether to install a wireless dog fence or not, check these pros and cons of installing one.


#1: It is easy to set up

As long as your terrain is suitable to install a wireless dog fence, all you need to do is find the perfect spot for your transmitter, activate the receiver, and set up the right range. To have a clear picture, here are quick steps on how to install a wireless dog fence:

  • Find the right location to install the transmitter, where there is a power outlet, must be next to an outer wall, and must be 3-5 feet away from any large metal appliances.
  • Activate the signal receiver, which is found on the dog’s collar.
  • Set the radius of containment anywhere between 90 – 250 feet from the transmitter.
  • Set flags to train your dog not to cross the boundary.

#2: It keeps the dog from being stolen

Since the signal receiver is found on your dog’s collar, any attempt to steal your dog will set off the alarm, warning you to check up on your dog.

#3: It eases your dog’s frustrations on barriers

Some dogs can become anxious and frustrated when they see a huge wall that deprives them of running around within the yard with their dog buddies.

#4: It is less expensive

Building a traditional fence is costly, time-consuming, and laborious, especially when you are building a dog fence alone.

Installing a wireless dog fence is less expensive since you are only buying a transmitter and a receiver. Check The Pet God for quality wireless dog fences this year.

#5: It is reliable

Your dog can’t destroy something that they cannot see – one of the practical reasons why several pet parents are considering wireless dog fences over the traditional ones.


#1: Not a good option for all types of terrain

Most of the wireless dog fences do not work on uneven terrains, especially slopping ones. If you are planning to install a wireless dog fence, your location should have an even terrain with fewer bumps that can cause signal interruption.

#2: It does not work on every climate

The signal between the transmitter and receiver becomes weaker when it is raining hard and during winter.

#3: It may expose your yard to other animals

It is no surprise that other animals might visit your pet dog since your yard is exposed for your other animals to enter your yard.

Final Thoughts

Is a wireless dog fence worth installing? Considering the advantages, it is safe to say that installing a wireless dog fence is worth it.

Reminders When Buying a Foreign Car

So you’ve finally decided to buy a foreign in the Netherlands this year. If you are new to owning a vehicle, here are some important reminders about owning a foreign car in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has its policies and regulations when owning a car or buying a foreign vehicle. Well, it is not only the country with such practices but everyone around the globe. Standards and requirements are set by the authorities to assure your safety while on the road.

If you are considering buying a car or a foreign vehicle, here are the things you need to remember.

#1 Driving License

For starters, you’ll need to procure a driving license before buying any automobile. It is the most fundamental documentation you’ll need. Any person aged 18 and above can get a driver’s license in the Netherlands.

To apply for a driver’s license, you must know how to drive. You can look for driving schools near you through online sources.

If you have an EU/EFTA driving license, owning is way easier. All you have to do is present the EU/EFTA driving license and ID or passport. Now, if you’re planning to switch your non-EU driver’s license with a Dutch one, the waiting period is a bit longer. You can only exchange your non-EU driving license if you lived in the Netherlands for at least six months. The authority will require you an updated proof of residency. You will also have to submit a recent passport photo and a Certificate of Medical Fitness to the Driving Test Organisation. Inasmuch, you’ll have to retake a theory and practical exam to switch your old driving license with a Dutch one.

#2 Buy a Car

There are two ways to buy a car in the Netherlands. You can look for an online car dealership or visit a physical distributor. Before buying the car, make sure the vehicle is suited to your needs. Consider your driving style and purpose. For example, choose a car that can withstand heavy loads and rough rides for work purposes.

Once you got your car, the next step is to register the vehicle under your name. You also have to obtain car insurance. You can look for more details about the Netherlands car insurance system through reliable online sources.

#3 Buying a Foreign Car or Importing a Car to the Netherlands

There are different rules when importing a car from an EU country to a non-EU country. Although they have some differences, both will require you to present the vehicle’s chassis number. It serves as the vehicle’s identification number that allows authorities to check the car’s history, performance, quality, gas emission, and many more. You can check chassis number using a chassis number checker online.

If the car is from one of the EU/EFTA countries, you can drive the vehicle for at least six months. After six months, you need to obtain a Dutch license plate.

When importing a car from a non-EU country, the vehicle will undergo several checks from the RDW. You can only obtain a Dutch license when the vehicle passed the RDW inspection.

Tips to Make your Camping Trip More Comfortable

If you are not a big camping fan because you have had trying camping experiences, you should know that the industry changed. We think that you should offer camping a second chance because the industry has long been working to make camping experiences more comfortable. Use high-tech gear and helpful resources such as camping apps and equipment rental services, and you might quickly become a big camping fan. If you are willing to give it a second try, here are some tips to make your camping trip more comfortable.

  • Choose a good campsite. A good camping experience begins with a good campsite. It is easy to find websites that provide well-curated reviews and photos thanks to which you will make a clear idea about what to expect from a campsite. You will learn if a certain campsite is full of gnats or a pleasant spot and it is suited for tents or a better choice for camper vans and trailers.
  • Gear up for a comfortable sleep. Don’t be cheap when it comes to sleep gear. You can only have a pleasant night outdoors if you use the right gear. To stay warm, you need a tent, a sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag. The tent needs to be big enough to accommodate you and the people you travel with. If you only travel as a couple, a two-person tent is what you need. The selection is wide when it comes to two-person tents, so it is best to use professional guidance. We recommend you to visit the Wandering Privateer website because the experts there know how to help you select the best tent to suit your preferences and needs.
  • Elevate the camping kitchen. If you wisely select a lightweight tent, you save some weight. It means that you will be able to carry some extra tools to elevate the camping kitchen. You probably know that it is useful to carry a bowl, a mug, cutlery, and a camp stove. Add a good knife, a cutting board, and a portable table, and everything will become easier, less challenging, and more comfortable.
  • Eat even better than you do at home. Eating outside doesnt mean that you cant enjoy indulging in food. The key is to treat yourself with top-quality ingredients instead of going cheap. For example, if you want to opt for no-cook camping meals, you can prepare a loaded, cold salad. You can also opt for a lavish charcuterie and cheese spread. Combine this with your favorite wine. Snacks should include oats with fruit, nut butter, and spices. If you are willing to cook over a fire pit or charcoal grill, you can grill a variety of vegetables and meats, and you can also try a paella project. It is going to be delicious and a fun way to spend the night around the fire.

Camping can become a pleasant and attractive experience if you put some tips and tricks into practice. Since it is a safe way to travel given the times that we live, we think that it deserves attention from your part.

Developing a Skin Care Habit

What’s in a skincare routine? A skincare routine is said to be the start of a healthy habit. So, to start with this will make a huge difference in a person’s life.

Creating a routine for your skin care is essential to be included in your daily activities. Just as you never forget to have a daily exercise or to miss a meal, it is also important to know how to have healthy skin. There are basic steps you can do to help the maintenance of your healthy skin:

#1 Know your skin type

This is your initial step towards developing a skincare routine or treatment. Identifying your skin type will let you discover the exact care or maybe treatment if needed for your skin. Does your skin feel rough? You simply have dry skin. What about blubbery skin? Your skin type is oily. If you are experiencing sudden itchiness after a simple application of lotion, most probably, you are having a delicate type of skin. Don’t allow skin problems to worsen by not making yourself aware of your skin type.

#2 Apply the matching routine or treatment to your skin type

Upon knowing your skin type, you are now ready to give your skin a routine or treatment that is needed for such skin type.

Hydrate your skin once you found out that your skin is dry. Look for the best moisturizer that you should use to soothe your flaky skin. There are instances that treating dry skin is like treating a dry body. So by simply drinking an adequate amount of water can easily bring back your skin hydration.

If you happen to found out that you are bearing an oily type of skin, there are also some best solutions you can find and do. The balance should be given importance when it comes to dealing with oily skin. Washing your face thrice or more in a day can worsen the case. Your skin will produce more oil in doing this. Why so? It’s because your skin needs to give more oil just to compensate for your skin that dried out due to frequent washing. On the contrary, washing your face seldom can be able to trap dirt due to the excess sebum in your pores and this is not helpful to your oily skin. Washing your face in the morning and another in the evening is just right for oily skin. Be very careful still however with the soap you will use. Gentle cleansers are just fine.

You can get rid of a delicate skin type in a natural way. Taking a shower for 10 minutes is of great help. Make sure to use warm water. Some skin products should be avoided like astringents and exfoliants. For some, they would prefer using fragrance-free soap more compared to fragrant ones. You can also use essential oils. If available, it is best to use organic cleansing materials for your sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Having healthy skin is not an overnight fulfillment. It’s a habit to be developed in your day-to-day life. The way you care or treat your skin says a lot about who you are and it shows in your skin type. Everything depends then on how you identify your skin type and apply the matching routine or treatment to what you have discovered about your skin.

You can also try dry skin brushing. This is a technique that uses a brushing method to eliminate toxins that are hard to eliminate which are commonly found in a person’s skin. To find out more about dry skin brushing, visit